In What Situations Should You Consider Re-Keying Your Business?

In What Situations Should You Consider Re-Keying Your Business?

Business owners face many situations that could require new keys and locking mechanisms. When reviewing the latest locks and security choices, the business owner must consider the benefits and disadvantages of each selection. When choosing locking mechanisms, they must consider circumstances that place the business owner and their workers at risk.

Several situations could arise that lead to serious security risks and require the business owner to rekey their locks and prevent major losses. When comparing the locks and security options, the business owner can find a better locking mechanism for their property that prevents property damage, financial losses, and personal injuries for anyone in the building.

You Just Purchased an Existing Property

After the purchase of an existing commercial property, it is wise to have all the locks changed to prevent previous owners, business partners, or former workers from getting inside the building. The risk of personal injuries, theft, and other unwanted circumstances is higher if anyone has a key to the current locks for entry points, windows, or any other access points inside the property. Business owners can learn more about how to re-key your business by contacting a professional locksmith now.

Former Workers Have Copies of the Keys

All companies are aware of the risks a disgruntled employee presents to the business, its property, and others inside the building. Each time that a worker is fired and had entry keys or a keycard for the building, the property owner needs to get all access points rekeyed to prevent the former worker from getting into the property undetected.

The network administrator can collect keycards and badges from security after the worker surrenders them, and they can shut down the keycard. However, they cannot rekey the locks themselves, and the company will need to hire a locksmith.

You Have Liquidated a Partnership

When liquidating a partnership, the existing company owner must take steps to prevent unlawful acts and risks. By having the lock changed or rekeyed, the existing owner won’t have to worry about their former partner entering the business and taking confidential files, data, or any of their inventory. Once the partner has been removed from the business and its physical location, the business owner must take immediate action.

The Owner or a Worker Lost Their Keys Recently

If anyone lost their key to any access point in the building, it is wise to set up an appointment with a locksmith and get the lock changed. This lowers the risk of intruders getting the lost key and gaining access to the building and items inside it such as cash and other valuables. When getting the locks changed, the business owner restores the security of the property.

An Older Worker Tried to Enter the Building Unlawfully

If a previous worker has attempted to use their old keys or keycard to enter the building, the security system may detect it, and the business owner will need to take action to prevent these risks. By changing the locks, they won’t have to worry about the key fitting into the lock or causing any damage to the locking mechanisms.

By making attempts to get the lock open, the former workers show that they are a risk to the property and the business. The business owner must follow steps to prevent security risks and potential property damage. They may also want to change the type of security measures and locking mechanisms they use to secure the property.

Criminals Have Broken Into the Property

After a break-in, the business owner must evaluate the current condition of their doors and locks. If the burglar damaged the locking mechanisms or the entry doors, the business owner must take immediate action to correct the damage and secure the doors.

If they install a new door and get new locks, they will need to get them rekeyed to ensure that there aren’t any additional keys to the lock. When rekeying the lock, the locksmith creates a new lock and keys specifically for it. This lowers the risk of others having a copy of the keys.

Contractors Have Copies of the Keys

When buying a brand-new commercial property, the new owner will need to install new locking mechanisms and locks for all entry points in the property. While most contractors provide the keys to the property to the owner, there can be mistakes where some keys are lost or misplaced.

This increases the risk of a break-in and places the property owner and their workers at risk. They will need to set up an appointment with a locksmith to eliminate the risk of a break-in and keep their property safer. A locksmith can also recommend new locking mechanisms that prevent outsiders from getting in such as security-coded locks that do not require keys.

The Keys are No Longer Viable

Over time, keys will wear down and become less viable. They may lose some of the pattern needed to open the locking mechanism, and the business owner won’t be able to open the locks or get into their property. When this happens the locksmith will have to remove the lock altogether and install a new lock for the entry door.

They can give the business owner brand-new keys for the property and prevent outsiders from getting a copy of the keys. Newer locking mechanisms can provide exceptional choices for the commercial property and prevent criminal acts.

Business owners must consider the advantages of new locks and mechanisms for their entry doors and vital areas of their property. When keys are outdated and no longer viable, the business owner must hire a locksmith to complete rekeying services. They can also learn more about alternative locking mechanisms that secure the building and prevent criminal acts.

New locks prevent disgruntled workers from getting into the property and causing problems for the business owner. The other workers won’t be placed at risk, and the business owner knows who enters the building. When examining the different options for securing their building, the business owners turn to locksmiths for advice.

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