Increase Productivity: Renovate Your Office!

Productivity in the workplace is important. Even in the environment of a start-up business, you should be doing everything you can to keep up the work ethic. Numerous studies have suggested that revamping your office will increase productivity! And it’s not surprising! Surely working somewhere gloomy and old fashioned is going to get people down. So why not look at renovating your office? It doesn’t need to be stripped down and started again completely, just a few of these ideas could be applied to give your offices a lift! Here are a few ideas about how you could renovate your office space.

Upgrade Your Furniture

Upgrading your furniture is the most obvious way you can make a change to your office. Bespoke office furniture would give your office some real wow factor, and set it apart from any other workplace! It’d also be a great idea to get some comfier office chairs for your employees. Comfort is important as well as the aesthetics!

Change The Colour Scheme

Think of changing the colour scheme to something a little brighter than you have at the moment. It’s likely yours is the same as every other office space up and down the country, plain and dull! Why not add a splash of colour to modernise it. You could even go with your company colours. If your logo and website are a particular colour, consider incorporating it into your workplace.

Get Some Plants

Office plants are a very underrated addition to any workplace. Plants prevent you feeling so much like you are bunged up inside all day. They are also a great way to give an office some colour, especially if you are unable to change your walls as you are in a shared office block. Why not put some larger plants by the doorway, or give a little desk plant to each of your staff at Christmas!

Make A Sofa Area

Making some room for an area with some modern, comfortable sofas is worth it. This will give your employees somewhere to sit and have lunch if you don’t have a cafeteria, rather than at their desks. They can chat with their colleagues on their break here, so they won’t feel so tempted to have a wander over to their desk during the day.

Let In Some Light

Your office will certainly benefit from some more light. Get your blinds open, and let the day stream into your office to increase your employee’s mood. If this causes a glare on computer screens, then why not consider changing your blinds to thinner ones. This will stop the glare, but more light will be able to get through them.

Contact An Interior Designer

If you really want to go all out with a new office design, then consider contacting an interior designer. They will be able to rework your layout, pick out the best colour schemes, furniture, and little touches. These will make your office exactly how you dream it to be!

Your offices are where your employees spend the majority of their day. So, make it a more enjoyable experience for them, as well helping yourself out by increasing productivity!

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