Increasing Your Bottom Line: 8 Strategies for Increasing Employee Productivity

Increasing Your Bottom Line: 8 Strategies for Increasing Employee Productivity

As a business, you want to ensure that your employees are as productive as possible. Some of employee productivity will depend on the people that you hire and their motivation, while other aspects will depend on the environment you provide for them to work on. Learn more here about creating an ideal work environment and discover other ways that you can increase your bottom line by boosting employee productivity.

Keep Up with Training

One of the most important methods of increasing employee productivity is to provide sufficient training. When you first hire a new employee, ensure that they have all the training they need to complete their tasks effectively and efficiently. The training should include things such as learning how to use various systems and strategies that have been proven effective in your workspace in the past. Do not just leave training as a one-time thing either. Have regular refresher training sessions to make sure that employees remember the key points of their training. You should also have sessions for training new techniques or systems that you plan to use.

Have the Right Equipment

If you want your employees to be productive, you need to ensure that they have the proper tools to achieve that goal. This can range from tools for manufacturing the software for offices. The right equipment can even extend to things like comfortable chairs and seeming basics such as modern printers that work efficiently. With the proper equipment, your employees will not have to waste time trying to get tools that are not designed for the given purpose to work. Instead, they will be able to just complete the task and move onto the next one, without downtime.

Within this tip, you should try to make sure that employees have work spaces that are comfortable yet keep them productive. Recognize that everyone is different so some employees will be most productive with standing desks while others do best with traditional desks and yet others do best in communal spaces. If possible, offer a range of work spaces, at least for occasional use, to appeal to all work styles. Similarly, be willing to accommodate requests within reason, such as those who would like to work remotely and can be trusted to do so. In these cases, provide the equipment needed to work remotely.

Provide Realistic Goals

People tend to work best when they have a clear goal in mind, but to use this to your advantage, you need to ensure that the goal is realistic. Providing goals gives employees something to work towards and a light at the end of the tunnel. Instead of just working for the sake of working, it gives them a sense of accomplishment when they achieve a task. Remember that if the goal is unrealistic, employees may give up trying as they know they will never achieve it.

Use Reinforcement and Incentives

To take this piece of advice to the next level, provide employees with some sort of incentive for achieving their goals. Maybe a lunch party for the team with the best figures or a gift card for the person with the best sales numbers. Providing some sort of incentive will give employees yet another reason to work towards completing the goals.

You can also get similar results just by offering positive reinforcement andencouragementto your employees. If it is not in your budget to actually offer an incentive, at least ensure that your employees know that you notice when they go above and beyond. This will help encourage a feeling of fulfillment with their work, encouraging them to do better.

Avoid Micromanaging

 One of the worst things you can do for productivity is micromanaging your employees since your set schedule or method may not work for everyone. Instead, give your employees some basic guidelines and let them come up with their own methods of achieving results, within reason. Of course, you should still provide them with the skills and training necessary to achieve those results, such as showing them the strategy you feel is best. Remember, however, that giving employees space to work using their own methods should be done within reason. Set ground rules for safety and ethics as well as to ensure that everyone follows similar methods.

Have an Organized Office

Among the various strategies for boosting employee productivity is ensuring your office is organized and clean. Learn more here about some of the specific advantages of this particular strategy. The important thing to keep in mind is that if the office is organized, then employees will always know where to find the particular resources they need to accomplish their daily tasks. There will be no time wasted looking for a particular file, a pen, or something else that should be obvious to find. Keeping the office clean and organized will also boost employee attitude by showing that you are appreciative of their hard work and know they will do best in a clean space.

Encourage Open Communication

While you will sometimes be the one to know what is best for your employees, this will not always be the case. Employees may notice potential issues or have suggestions that you are not aware of. These can do things like improve morale to boost productivity or even improve the efficiency of your operations directly. To ensure that you are always able to take advantage of these suggestions, make sure that there are open channels of communication between you and your employees. Let employees know that you are there to hear complaints or suggestions. This will not only provide you with more ideas, but also help employees feel valued so they are more encouraged to be productive.

Recruit the Right Employees

Of course, all of the above strategies will not yield high productivity if you choose the wrong employees to begin with. Try to screen out potential applicants to select those with a strong work ethic. Ideally, they should also fit well in your office or business’s culture. While it may seem negligible, finding employees that fit your work culture can help improve satisfaction with the job as well overall cooperation between team members, both of which will boost productivity.

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