[INFOGRAPHIC] 8 Small Businesses That Made It Big

At first it may be hard to stay afloat in the undependable world of start-up business. Dreams of taking your own business to soaring heights may seem rather out of reach.
What you must remember though is that everyone has to start from the bottom. Even some of the largest globally successful companies you see today started of as small locally run businesses.
This superb infographic displays some perfect examples of such success stories. Merchant Money‘s ‘8 Small Businesses That Made It Big’ infographic outlines the story of a number of small business entrepreneurs that took their small start-ups too world renowned names.
One way that small businesses can grow is to take out a loan in order to increase their working capital. Merchant Money is one lender that funds such projects and will do all they can to aid their customers’ business growth.
Entrepreneurship comes with a whole host of benefits, but also risks and this is something that the infographic also explores as well as providing you with a wealth of insightful information.

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