[INFOGRAPHIC] Accidents in the Workplace: Are You At Risk ?

Statistics show that accidents in the workplace cost society £13.4 billion last year.It is your employer who has the duty of care to keep you safe when you are in the workplace and  protect you from injury. so how can you keep safe in the workplace and avoid injury ? take a look at the below tips to reduce the risk of injury at work.

Inspect the environment that you work in regularly

while at work you should take the time to inspect the environment that you are working in to ensure that you are safe. Even in an office environment you could still be at risk of injury from things such as loose wires running across floors and dodgy electrical equipment. Electrical equipment should be tested regularly to ensure that it is working properly and not going to risk injury to you.

Provide training for employees in health and safety

training is crucial in the workplace so that employees know company procedures and feel a part of the workforce. Training in safety in the workplace is something that should not be missed and is vital for employees to stay safe.  The training should include advice on stuff such as carrying heavy objects and also how to use certain machinery safely.

Have a safety coordinator

By dedicating safety to a specific person in your business you can help ensure that procedures are followed to keep everyone safe at work and reduce the risk of injury. You should take regular meetings with your safety coordinator to discuss current policies,  how they are working and what can be done to improve safety in the workplace.

Provide the right equipment for employees

once cause of accidents in the workplace is because of employees not being provided with the correct equipment to do their job properly and having to improvise. For example if you have high shelving to store files then you should provide a step-ladder so that employees can reach up and obtain the files without causing injury to themselves.

reducing accidents in the workplace requires employers to be aware of the health and safety of their workplace to minimise accidents. In industries such as agriculture and fishing where the risk of accidents is high, everything should be done to take safety into account.

Take a look at the Infographic below from Johnson Law that explains facts about accidents in the workplace over the last year.

– An infographic by the team at Johnson Law


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