[INFOGRAPHIC] Numerology in business

[INFOGRAPHIC] Numerology in business

Numerology deals with the spiritual or mystic meaning of particular numbers, and how they can influence or predict certain events. Superstitions and beliefs such as numerology have been around for hundreds of years, so it’s no surprise that business leaders and companies have been using numerology in the hopes of being more lucky or successful with their business.

A recent study carried out by Betway looked into beliefs around numerology and lucky numbers within the UK. Take a look how these beliefs impact business below!

Business names

It is believed that each letter of the alphabet has a different number-vibration. When added together, the numerical value of each letter in a word can give an indication as to the spiritual and numerological meaning of the word.

For example, ‘Microsoft’ would equal the number 1, meaning that it represents innovative ideas and being first in its field. Apple, however, represents an energetic magnet that attracts people in a fun and social way.

Numerology for sales

It is believed that different days have varying meanings in numerology, and by harnessing the meanings of these days, you can make sure that your business activities or sales pitches are most likely to be successful.

To work out the numerological meaning of a particular day, first add all the digits of the date together. For example, if the date is the 28th April 2018, you would calculate:

2+8+4+2+0+1+8 = 25

You’d then add together the digits in the answer, which in this case would equal 7.

Some people believe that this number will then give them an indication of how successful sales will be for a particular day. For example, the numbers 6, 9 and 2 are considered particularly lucky if you’re wanting to close a sale, whereas 4 and 7 carry negative energy and therefore are not thought to be good days to try to close a sale.

Lucky numbers in business

Many people have a lucky number, which may either have repeatedly occurred during important moments in their life, or helps them to feel particularly lucky. Almost 77% of Brits say they’ve experienced luck due to a single number, and 65% of us say that using our lucky number helps us to feel more confident in our choices.

The Betway survey found that 7 was the nation’s most popular ‘lucky number’, whereas 1 in 10 said that the number 13 was their unluckiest number.

Although the numbers you choose may not necessarily impact the success of your business, choosing lucky numbers can help you to make you feel more confident of your choices, and believe that you are going to be successful in the future.

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