[INFOGRAPHIC] Ransomware: everything you need to know

[INFOGRAPHIC] Ransomware: everything you need to know

The global WannaCry and Petya attacks propelled Ransomware into the mainstream spotlight in 2017, but there are still misconceptions around this malicious malware and the businesses that hackers will target.

Internationally-renowned businesses including Nissan, Maersk and Vodafone were high-profile victims of this attack, as well as the UK’s NHS. This has led many to believe that hackers will only use Ransomware to extort money from large and hugely profitable businesses, but this is a dangerous misconception.

Hackers are likely to target small businesses due to the fact that an attack like this could wipe them out. Whilst larger firms that lost hundreds of millions in the attack had the resources to rebuild their entire IT estates, which is exactly what Maersk did, smaller firms may not have the financial reserves to rebuild or to even pay the ransom.

UK based IT support solutions business: TSG has produced an infographic that contains everything you need to know about Ransomware, including some tips on preventing these malicious attacks.

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