[INFOGRAPHIC] RIO DE JANEIRO: Your Next Business Destination

A lot of our businesses involve travelling around the world to different business destinations to find new clients and expand our businesses. Rio De Janeiro is a potential business destination that more of us could soon be travelling to. With the 2014 World Cup being held in Rio and many  booming industries over their, Rio could be where you will soon be travelling to.

Rio De Janeiro has a mix of different industries which are doing well at the moment. Tourism is a strong industry over their thanks to famous tourist attractions such as Christ Redeemer and the up coming world cup will be bringing a lot more tourists into Rio and therefore the tourist market is only set to grow. More traditional industries are also booming in Rio as well such as transport and construction.

Choosing where to stop when working away on business can often be a hard decision. According to Trip Advisor the best hotel to stop at and do business is The Copacabana Palace Hotel. This five-star hotel boasts excellent facilities and is also near the beach to give you time to relax away from business. If you are looking for something a bit more affordable than The Windsor Copa Hotel is in a good central location without being as expensive as some of the other hotels in Rio.

If you are travelling by plane then you will land at Galeão International Airport. You will then most likely need to travel by yellow cab taxi to your hotel so make sure that you prepare for this and leave plenty of time in advance as traffic can often be bad at times in Rio so if you are planning on travelling in busy periods then you should plan your trip in advance.

Another thing that you should be prepared for is a 10 percent service charge to be added to your bill in restaurants so if your bill is more expensive than you think then this is going to be why. This is customary in all of Rio  so do not expect to get away without paying it. Take a look below at this Infographic from Capita which provides some essential travel information when travelling to do business in Rio De Janeiro. As with all business trips it is important to plan in advance nearly every detail of your trip to avoid being late to stuff such as business meetings.

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