Inspecting Your New Office Space From Day One

Inspecting Your New Office Space From Day One

Inspecting your new office space from day one is an imperative task to get right. It could be that you’re hoping to maneuver into a new space for you and your team, or you’re simply starting a business from scratch and hope to develop the fundamentals perfectly.

The office space you choose to build your business with is central to the life and story of your firm. This means that ensuring the small inspections are carried out is as important as checking the background of newly hired employees. Your office is the unsung hero of a positive working atmosphere, and when you take into account the following, that office’s beauty will permeate everything you do:

Previous Function

It’s important to know what previous function the office space held. This is because that knowledge could inform how you decorate or organize the new space. If you find that your office was once used as a dancehall studio, it might be customary to ensure one of the walls has had the full-length mirror replaced and not simply wallpapered over. If the office space has been vacant for a considerable time, it might be wise to ensure the hygiene of the place is up to standard, and this includes inspecting small cubby holes, ensuring pest control and the structural integrity of the place. There are a million reasons as to why an office space might not be ideal, but knowing the previous function of the place will help you find that potentially issue out more quickly.

Fire Safety

You simply cannot operate an office without a modicum of fire safety. There should be room for more than one exit, firefighting apparatus installation, a safe manner for disabled people to leave in this event and a place where all staff can meet outside and conduct a headcount. When you make fire safety an absolute priority, you ensure that everyone involved will become much less likely to encounter dangerous circumstances that could potentially lead to the loss of life. This could be as simple as ensuring the electrical circuit and size of the room can cater to the amount of computers and bodies working in there. If this means that you need to neglect a cheap office in favor for a more expensive and safe one, the upgraded hospitality will likely pay for itself.


Again, size and shape requirements will translate to the facilities you offer, such as the restroom or kitchen. Inspecting these areas and ensuring they are fitted with BSP Stainless fittings, or that the plumbing and general installations are up to hygiene standard can allow you to make small investment upgrades right away, or even avoid a small issue. It could be that your attic storage is prone to asbestos that has somehow managed to evade years of replacement efforts, or that the office itself only allows one bathroom. When you are able to ensure that this is well taken care of, you will find that your first few days in the bathroom will be at least comfortable from a facility standpoint.

With this advice, you can be sure that inspecting your offices from day one helps you avoid costly issues, or can influence the direction of your investment.

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