Is Your Business Using the Right Electrical Testing Equipment?

When you’re running an electrical business, you’re under enormous pressure to ensure the work you carry out is both safe and legal. The instruments you use are a key factor in ensuring the safety of not just you, but your clients and customers. Therefore, it is imperative you are always using the right equipment for the job.

Here you’ll discover the dangers of using the wrong equipment and the top things to keep in mind when choosing electrical testing equipment.

The risks of using the wrong equipment

The risks associated with using the wrong test equipment are serious. The most common include:

  • Burns
  • Electric shock
  • Fire hazard

While it is thankfully rare, there’s also the risk of fatality if the equipment leads to “flashovers” which engulf the working area. It’s easy to be complacent and assume this would never happen to you, but the truth is with the wrong equipment it absolutely could. The risks are real, which is why it is so important to make sure you’re using the right equipment 100% of the time.

Even the most experienced electricians have sometimes made the mistake of using the wrong equipment and suffered agonising burns and electric shocks. So, what exactly causes these potential hazards?

Test probes are one of the leading instruments that can cause accidents. It could be they aren’t sufficiently insulated, they are drawing an excessive current or they have become less effective over time. Most commonly, accidents occur when poorly made equipment is used.

Ensuring the right equipment is used

To avoid potentially deadly accidents, it’s vital you ensure you’re using the right equipment for each job. You also need to make sure you are fully trained in how to use it.

The first step is to make sure the equipment used is constructed to a high standard and meets full safety guidelines. So, start by choosing a respected supplier such as MCS Test Equipment. It might be tempting to opt for a lesser known supplier offering the cheapest prices, but this significantly increases the chances of equipment failure.

You also need to ensure the equipment complies with international safety standards and any old equipment you may be using is replaced.

Overall, the wrong electrical testing equipment can be deadly. If you want to ensue you’re offering a safe, reliable service you can’t scrimp on the quality of the equipment you invest in.

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