Jonathan Fine’s Expert Marketing Advice Helping Dentists In A Big Way

Are you a dentist looking to make it big in your field? Well, definitely you have your clinic and website but you need to come up with a solid marketing campaign to reach up to the masses. If you are looking for an expert help here, Jonathan Fine is the most trusted name today among contemporary dentists.

Mr. Fine is a seasoned marketing strategist whose marketing advice & skills have been readily received at some of the most esteemed names- such as BMW, Bentley, Proctor & Gamble, Asda, IBM, Orange & BT. After a prolonged success with such big corporate honchos, Fine diverted his attention to help out the dentists around.

At present, Fine is the managing partner at Breathe Business which works to help out the dentists in the development & growth of their business. The company is backed by seasoned business entrepreneurs & qualified coaches with enormous experience & expertise in helping many dentists succeed in their field.

Fine and his Breathe Business offer a wide variety of services to help out the dentists in their marketing campaigns. Fine & his team assist the dentist-clients to build up a compatible business plan & help them to implement pertinent tactics. Moreover, the campaign will go through continuous performance analysis to find out the drawbacks and solutions so that the plan can stay right on track. The services are offered in various formats- through one-to-one coaching & consulting through phone, in person or Skype & group meetings. The clients would be sent regular reports on the performance of the marketing campaign. All the services would be customized according to the typical needs of every client to ensure the exact business results as desired.

Breathe Business clients will get the advanced Breathe KPI’s which has been developed on the basis of prolonged successful coaching for dental business. It will help the dentists to effectively gauge their business health and have an idea of their current status in the market. As Fine’s client, you will have this opportunity to meet him or his team in person regularly, at your preferred frequency. The company assures to back the clients with all necessary resources that would be required to achieve desired results. You will even have complete access to every Breathe Toolkits & Templates as well as other key resources which will ensure a successful practice for you.

To help out his dentist-clients further Fine has co-authored a book titled as “Moonwalking for Dentists” with Dr. S. Hocken. The book offers insights on several factors that can encourage a successful dentistry business such as- whether to embrace retail, whether you are cut out to run your own practice, how to prevent your business from dying down and so on.

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