Last Minute Event Promotion Ideas Your Business Needs

Last Minute Event Promotion Ideas Your Business Needs

Have you ever realised how much time an event takes out of your business? Unfortunately, events are necessary and procrastinating over all the things that you must get done in the name of an event is never going to get things finished. Time is not your friend when it comes to setting up a business event. You have a date to aim for, and you have to coordinate caterers, invitations, and organise speeches all before the event date itself.

The thing is, you could have spent so long procrastinating over the event itself, that you may need a mad scramble for fast cash loans online to be able to pay for those last-minute event expenses. There’s a lot of pressure on you as an event organiser to get things done, but with these strategies you can pull off your event with total success.

Don’t go it alone

if you can help it! Roping in the help of others in the business can not only foster a team spirit vibe. Promoting and running event should never be a one-man job and if you are trying to go it alone, there’s a chance you’ll drown trying too hard! Always reach out and ask for help, even if that means outsourcing to freelancers to get the marketing and design side sorted. You could offer incentives to team members and get everyone involved and excited.

Look into a trigger event

before your actual event. A trigger event is something that not many businesses have heard of, but generally if your event is going to be selling energy-saving light bulbs, then a trigger event like ‘The Big Switch Off’ where everyone in the nearby street switches their lights off for two hours to see how much energy is saved could be a fun way to go. A trigger event can prime people for buying energy saving light bulbs that you just so happen to be selling.

Personally reach out

to high rollers in the industry. If your business is one that is earning a lot of money and doing well, you’ll know that 80% of that success is coming from your customers. Why not focus on those 20%? Market toward the high paying, loyal customers and offering them incentives that are exclusive is a great way to draw them in and thank them for their loyalty.

Embrace social media

and the power it yields in marketing. It’s an obvious solution to good marketing, as any savvy company would be using social media to market an event. You can’t just limit yourself to Facebook and Twitter when there is also LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest to utilise! You can reach out to thousands of people just by uploading a video about what your event is about. Don’t ever underestimate what social media can do for you.

An event can go off without a hitch if you give yourself enough time to organise things. And if not, then jump onto social media and plug, plug, plug!

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