Maintaining A Clean Office

The office is a place we spend a huge chunk of our time each week, and it should be somewhere we are able to always feel comfortable and productive. When they are a lot of people working in a small space, things can become cluttered and dirty pretty quickly, and it means that your office can soon get out of control and look like a bomb’s gone off. So, to avoid this, here are a few tips to help you maintain a clean office and to encourage your employees to maintain it too.

Encourage Washing Up

The worst thing about a lot of people sharing an office space and a kitchen is that many people within the office are lazy. If you share a small communal kitchen, you might soon realise that no one wants to take responsibility for cleaning the sink, washing the dishes or wiping the microwave now and again. Your kitchen can soon look like something off one of those nightmare restaurant shows. Make sure that you keep cleaning supplies in the kitchen, visible to your employees to encourage them to wash their dishes and leave them to dry after using them. You may also want to start forming a rota for everyone who uses the kitchen to take turns cleaning it on a Friday afternoon.

Have disinfectant wipes available

Having wipes at the ready at all times is the perfect way to encourage people to keep their workspaces tidy. Ideally you want to be wiping down your desks once a week to get rid of any food crumbs and dust.


If you want to maintain a clean office, you need to also keep it clear of any clutter and mess. One of the best ways to do this is to take some time at the end of the week and enlist everyone for an hour or two to go through their desk space and get rid of rubbish and paperwork they no longer need. Once the desk areas are clear, you can move onto the general office space. We all have that storage cupboard which we dump stuff in- but every now and again we need to take some time to clear it out.

Once your office is clutter free you can begin to give it a thorough clean. Hire industrial vacuum systems to really dig out the dirt and leave the office feeling and looking much cleaner.

Empty Bins

If you have bins by your desk or in the kitchen, they can fill up pretty quickly and begin to smell. If you throw food into the bins too, it can become rotten and pretty disgusting very quickly. The trick is to empty the bins every other day. You will maintain a clean office space as well as eliminating the risk of horrible smells lingering in the space.

Don’t Eat At Your Desk

You may be too busy sometimes to leave your desk and eat, meaning that you have no choice but to eat at your desk. However, when you do have the option, always try to eat elsewhere. Having that break from the office is important for your mental health, but it will also mean you won’t risk dropping crumbs and food on your desk. Another thing is you won’t stink out the office with your food, because some people can find it pretty distracting.

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