Maintaining a Warehouse: 3 Crucial Reasons to Protect Your Delicate Wires with Rubber Grommets

Maintaining a Warehouse: 3 Crucial Reasons to Protect Your Delicate Wires with Rubber Grommets

For any warehouse manager, protecting the machinery and assets within the warehouse is a top priority. This includes taking precautionary measures to prevent excessive wear and tear, corrosion and damage to parts and fixtures.

One of the most overlooked aspects of equipment maintenance are the wires and cables. These small connectors are not seen as an integral or particularly costly part of the machine. However, these wires bring power to the machinery. They are the veins that carry electricity to the machine’s beating heart. Without them, the machine cannot work. Without a working machine, the company or warehouse is losing money through inactivity or diminished productivity.

So how can you protect your wires? Too often, those maintaining a warehouse feed wires through holes in wooden workbenches or surfaces without taking steps to prevent abrasion. Leaving the wires exposed in this way wears them out and causes breakdowns.

But placing rubber grommets around any abrasive surfaces can protect your wires from abrasion and wear and tear. These are three crucial reasons why you should use rubber grommets to protect wires and cables in your warehouse.

They Are Water Resistant

Although warehouses are supposed to be accident-free areas, inevitably slip ups occur. In these instances, where a misplaced bottle of water might send a pint of water pouring across a workbench, your rubber grommets will be fine.

Rubber grommets, unlike metal solutions, are water resistant. They won’t rust or corrode when exposed to moisture, even over a long period of time.

This also makes them well-suited for any outside locations that may be exposed to the elements. A power grommet will not suffer UV damage from the sun’s rays and can brave any torrent.

They Can Handle Vibrations 

If you are feeding wires or cables through a hole in a wall or workbench, chances are that the hole has sharp edges. Once you turn the machine or tool on, the vibrations will likely cause the wire to rub against the sharp edges. This could sever the wire and cause extensive damage.

A rubber grommet provides a protective barrier. It goes around the hole and stops any potential abrasion between the wire and the edge of the hole. Under even the most vigorous vibrations, the grommet will hold fast and protect your wire from any abrasion and damage.

They Look Sleek and Modern 

With an elegant black finish, grommets are often employed in parts that will be visible. If you have customers or clients dropping by the warehouse, rather than using metal solutions to protect your wires, which can often be an eyesore, grommets give a professional and sleek finish which is sure to go unnoticed.

If nothing else, they give the impression of a warehouse that takes care to protect its assets and equipment, has a focus on practicality and is well-organized. Instead of a chaotic knot of wires lurking behind a workbench, a hole with a rubber grommet helps organize your power cords and suggests a highly-productive, professional warehouse.

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