Make Sure Your Business Is Surrounded By Security, Not Crime Scene Tape

Here are a few statistics that are sure to frighten even the strongest business owners. Employee theft costs businesses, on average twenty billion each year. Annually, there are nearly eight or twelve million cases of identity theft in the USA alone. Meanwhile, retail stores lose around thirty billion due to theft. What should business owners learn from these facts? First, you are exposed to security threats. Second, you can’t assume those threats won’t come from people you know or people who you trust. Third, and perhaps most importantly, it is going to affect your customers. If your customers lose out because you didn’t protect your business, you’ll struggle to get them to buy from you again. We can promise you that. So how can you protect your business from crime?

Make Sure There Are Deterrents

If you want to stop physical break-ins on your business property, you need to set it up as a deterrent. Make sure that your business looks imposing to thieves and robbers. There shouldn’t be any weak points in your security that they might see as an opportunity. You see a weak fence around your company car park. They see a way in without being detected, and that’s something to think about. You need proper fencing and physical security measures around your property. You can find out more online because all the security measures you need can be bought through e-commerce companies.

Don’t Use Passes People Know

If you’re setting up passwords on business files, don’t use codes that people who know you could guess. As we have shown, the people most likely to steal from you will be the ones closest. Employees, family members and friends may all be looking at your company as a potential target. If you make your passwords difficult and keep security levels high, you won’t have to worry. They might want to steal from you, but they won’t be able to.

Another good tip is to watch your employees and look at what they do online. An online history says a lot about an individual and as a business owner, you can access it. At least, you can access what they are looking at in the office. This may sound deceptive, but almost every big business does it. If only to make sure that workers are staying productive through the day.

Hire An IT Team

It support teams aren’t just for keeping your business networks running effectively. They can also be used to monitor security and make sure there are no issues on your network. Ideally, you want to make sure that there is no chance anyone can hack into your business and steal client files. A top IT support team can all but guarantee this. They will fix a security issue before a criminal ever has the chance to take advantage of it.
As you can see, your business is certainly exposed. However, there are easy ways to remedy the situation if you are proactive. It’s just a matter of taking the right steps.

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