Make Your Employees More Mobile in a Few Easy Steps


It’s becoming increasingly popular to help a business’s staff to be more mobile. They no longer have to waste time while they’re on the road or struggle to stay in touch on business trips. It also makes it easier for employees to communicate no matter where they are on the premises. If you want to help your workers be more mobile, you might be wondering where to start. You need them to be able to join in with conference calls and to collaborate on projects even when out of the office. It’s up to you to make this easier for them so that they can do it without too much effort. Here are some of them things you should be doing to get started.

Provide Them with Devices

Many companies are instituting a bring your own device (BYOD) policy for their employees. While this works for some, it’s not always a good idea. There can be security issues to consider. And many employees don’t want their work and personal lives connected on one device. Providing your staff with company devices is often a better idea. You can get some great business tech deals too. A lot of enterprises don’t compensate employees for business use of their devices. Giving them a device will take care of the cost. Plus, you can ensure you have full control of how the device is used.

Use Online Phone Software

Of course, when every employee has a phone, it’s easy to call them whenever you need to. But you can make things much simpler by implementing a full telephony system for contacting staff and clients. You may already have one, but you could consider replacing it with an online solution such as Skype for Business. Click here to read about how it could benefit your company and help to make your workers more mobile. You can integrate it with Office so that communication and access to their work become easier. It also makes it simple to conduct a call with multiple people at the same time.

Make Their Work Available

It’s not just communication that’s important. Having essential work and information available is necessary too. If you want your employees to be able to work while travelling or at home, their work needs to be available to them. Cloud storage and software will help them to work on any current projects without the need to email different versions back and forth. Collaboration is much easier when a number of people can work on the same document at the same time.

Utilise Apps

When all your staff are equipped with mobile devices, you can check out the apps available that could help you. There are so many different tools that could be useful for your mobile employees. For example, you might use an app that helps you to track their expenses while they’re on the road. You could even create your own app to help them do their work.

Making your employees mobile may seem simple, but there are lots of things to consider. Remember to keep security in mind at all times.

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