Managers: How your iPhone can help you at work

Being a manager isn’t an easy job, and the most difficult part of managing a team, no matter how big or small, is trying to keep track of what everyone’s doing at once. Juggling five or ten staff members, all with different workloads, can take it out of even the most proficient managers. As a project manager myself, I’m always on the lookout for new tools and technology to help me manage my team without getting stressed out and overwhelmed.

Luckily, such things do exist. For the past decade a number of applications for computers and, increasingly, mobile devices have been developed for use by managers. More and more managers are using these apps on their smartphones and tablets, which means that managing your team doesn’t even need to interrupt the work you’re getting done on the computer; there really is nothing more convenient than using mobile workforce management software to, well, manage your workforce.

What exactly is a workforce management app, though? It’s not just a piece of standard management software; it offers the ultimate flexibility and control while allowing managers to work at a distance from their team. You can have your entire team connected to the app from their phones, which means that jobs can be picked up and completed outside of the office. This is ideal if you’re managing a team who need to travel for work, or who work in retail, warehouses or outdoor facilities.

Using an app like this can actually save you money; rather than constantly having to phone your workers up, you can simply check their location via the app’s GPS tracking system and update their respective workloads with the app. It also saves money and resources when it comes to paperwork; with a workforce management app, you’ll save yourself (and your business) all of the unnecessary paperwork which comes with operating the old fashioned way.

Modern project managers must keep up with the times in order to work effectively and efficiently; luckily, technology doesn’t make it difficult. Workforce management apps are simply the first wave of a new way of doing things; it won’t be long before mobile technology has become an essential part of the management process. By making that first step in the right direction now by using mobile workforce management solutions, modern businesses can get an early advantage and increase worker productivity and profit margins in the meantime.

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