Managing Sustainable Business

Recent climate studies have suggested that Europe’s ageing forests are reaching a CO2 saturation point, meaning that these highly effective carbon sinks will gradually become less efficient. Deforestation and natural disturbances (such as wildfires) have, alongside the maturing trees natural growth cycle, all contributed to these recently identified phenomena.

With this news comes a renewed call for business to tackle climate change head on. Many consider that only a large scale change in attitude can help combat these global issues but there are a number of other simple and effective ways that we can produce less waste and consume less energy. Here we look at five ideas to help your business become more sustainable, helping you and your business image.

–          Too Many Cups….
…spoil the planet or something like that. If your staff kitchen is still reliant on disposable cups and cutlery then the switch to reusable wares will save waste. The kitchen is a large source of waste products and managing this space effectively will help considerably.

–          Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
This goes for anything from paper to pens, ink cartridges to incandescent light bulbs. More recycling means less waste goes to landfill.

–          Green energy
Here then, we have a number of ideas to help your everyday habits become more environmentally friendly. For those looking for a more pro-active approach to climate change then why not consider the move to renewable energy. Trina Solar have a number of solutions here that will provide clean and environmentally friendly energy for your business and also create revenue as you feed back into the grid.

–          Electronic Mail
We’re all familiar with email these days but continuing to communicate with paper free systems and decreasing the amount of paper we use on a daily basis is an important part in the fight against climate change.

–          Skype Symposium
Travelling to conferences and meetings can be frustratingly time consuming and often a mundane task. Why not take your next meeting over one of the many video conferencing applications like Skype and avoid the traffic – saving petrol and peace of mind.

–          Let There be Light
Energy efficient light bulbs and other office equipment save energy and subsequently save money for your business. Make the switch and reap the benefits.

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