Marketing Agencies: Dress Your Office To Impress

Every business needs a quality office that creates a positive atmosphere and productivity peaks. As a business owner, you want to keep your team satisfied with the state of the office. It’s not only about ensuring that the furniture is right for everyone – including employees who don’t fit the standard size and height statistics – but it is also about creating a safe space that enables creativity. In many businesses, creativity is an important factor of problem-solving. For marketing agencies, creativity is a service that you sell. As a result, your entire office needs not only to enable it but also to ooze with it. Think of it as a promotional message, such as the quirky packaging that drives the purchase in shops. For marketing agencies, especially when they receive clients or future clients, the décor is part of the selling strategy. In other words, how can you dress your office to impress?

The Trendy Détails

A marketing agency office needs to be dead on trend. How are your clients going to believe that you know anything about the market if you fail to follow the current trends? But by trends, it’s not about looking out for interior décor trends – although you can let some minimalist designs and wall paints inspire you – it’s about proving that you are a digital geek. In other words, feel free to indulge in hanging the picture of your favorite meme, and to play videos of Matt Cutts, the former Google man for all SEO experts. This is designed to show passion for your industry sector. Additionally, marketing offices tend to prefer colorful décor eyecatchers, such as using fun-looking blue and green lights above the doors of meeting rooms – click here to find out what we mean –, or picking a color-block décor to differentiate the teams in an open space office. In other words, your main concern is to make sure that your clients know they are in a special place.

The Essential Tech

A marketing agency relies on gadgets and tech. For instance, embracing health standards in the office will never fail to impress. Especially if you choose an option that enables your team to turn their desk into a standing desk when they want to. Using a monitor/laptop and keyboard stand that is attached to the desk is the perfect solution for that. Get a large glassboard for the meeting room, as it immediately adds a touch of sophistication to anything you write on it. Don’t forget the large screen to share your design and strategy ideas from your laptop! In short, get the gadgets that show you’re a winner.

The Social Corner

Every office has a common room that serves as lunch break area. In a marketing office, it’s important to create social corners where your team can get together and discuss new ideas or simply enjoy a deserved break. Social corners are essential to maximize positive team building: They offer a space to chat freely. As a result, clients have a soft spot for social corners. The quirkier they look, the more creative your agency appears.

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