Marketing your business on YouTube: Everything you need to know

When it comes to popularity YouTube is one of the biggest websites out there and is ranked the third most popular website by Alexa. These days YouTube is not just for home made videos to share with your friends; it is a great platform with over 50 million users to share your content on. YouTube is now the perfect place for small businesses to grow their online presence for free and help stand out from your competitors.

For big businesses TV is usually the answer to market their business using videos, however for small businesses YouTube can actually be a very good place to market your business. Millions of people use YouTube everyday which means that you are always going to find people to view your videos and it is a good idea to embed your videos into your business website.

Creating YouTube videos

You do not need to be an expert in making videos in order to make a video for the Internet. In fact all it takes is a camera. However a lot of people chose to invest in a good camera and a microphone for the best sound quality  Furthermore it is also a good idea to film in high definition. When planning a video to market your business it is a good idea to take some time to plan out the video, the points you want to get across and how you are going to get them points across to your audience. You need to take time to think about the type of audience that are going to be watching your video so for example your largest market is probably going to be tech savvy people.

There are also a wide range of different videos you can put on YouTube. Tutorials and reviews are my two personal favourite and i usually find that these tend to get the most views online. A lot of people go on YouTube looking for tutorials so that can be a great opportunity of  marketing your business.


With YouTube there is a lot of ways that you can brand your videos to give you maximum exposure. To start off with it is a good idea to have an intro at the start of your videos to tell your audience that it is your video that they are watching. As well as this i also like to put a watermark all the way through my videos with my logo in one of the corners so that you are constantly reminding the audience of your brand. Furthermore i also sometimes like to put at the end of the video how people can connect with me such as telling them my Twitter user-name.

As well as your video, you can  add custom backgrounds to your YouTube channel as there are a lot of big brands that have taken advantage of this. This is a great place to promote your products and special offers. If you are looking for an example of a good YouTube background then check out SBTV on YouTube.

YouTube SEO 

Search engine optimizing your YouTube videos is also going to be key if you actually want people to be able to find your video. A great title is very important; it should be something that grabs the audiences attention but also it needs to contain keywords that they are going to search for.  Your description is also very important on YouTube videos so do not leave this blank and make sure that you get as much keywords in your description as possible. As well as appearing in YouTube search results you can also appear in Google search results a lot of the time so optimizing your titles and descriptions are key.

Getting views

There is no point creating a YouTube video to market your business if you are not going to get any views on it. This is where social media comes in and with hundreds on videos getting shared on Twitter every minute you not want to be missing out. It is important to keep sharing your videos on social network websites.  Furthermore an advantage of using YouTube videos to promote your business online is that other people are going to share your videos on their social networking accounts, giving you a load of free promotion and you may even go viral if your video really stands out.

Final Notes

As you can see YouTube is a good option for marketing your business online. However it still comes with it’s disadvantages and for some people it can be hard to actually get views on your YouTube video. However YouTube is providing you with a great platform to market your business online and you do not want to miss out on the amount of traffic that goes to YouTube. one thing that i like to do is to put links to my website and social media accounts on the description of my videos.


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