Moving Day: Choosing A Bigger Headquarters

Moving Day: Choosing A Bigger Headquarters

When a business begins it’s life; it’s a little shaky to know as to whether it will thrive or collapse within a year. But when the time comes, a business will also face a similar dilemma of whether enlarging the base of operations is better than staying where you are. Most people want to opt for a larger office which can allow you to create new departments, hire more staff and give a platform to the future expansions for your local and regional businesses. The all important questions will also arrive when you need to choose a brand new headquarters. Of course, size and logistics are the most prominent aspects which need to be catered for early on, but other questions like location and accessibility are also in there. The main things you should look for will go hand in hand with what is more vital to your business to keep carrying on with.


To buy or to let

Don’t forget that you are still a small business, and you’re only looking to grow if the circumstances are right. You might find solace in the fact that you would have more security and maybe even better features if you owned a slice of commercial property. It’s just simply more official to be firmly planted and have something that is symbolic of your progress. However, you will need to spend more money which will be enacted as a one-time purchase. Speaking to a company like Bevans Chartered Surveyors, you can also find commercial real estate that is for letting. While you do this, couple your curiosity with thoughts of management. If this is the first time you’re growing in terms of property, managing the paperwork and the ins and outs of legalities can be complex, so use the help of experts when you can.

The location and access

When choosing a new headquarters for your business, you’re essentially deciding where the majority of your operations will be conducted from. The location is crucial so as to; you’re not too far from your local businesses and the major trade routes be that from the highway, rivers and coastal ports, are all within a reasonable distance. The access is also immeasurably paramount as your employees will need to be able to get to work on time, without having to wake up so early that their concentration levels are low. All your staff live in different cities and towns need the larger highways and train stations to be a direct artery running close by your new building. The ability to park their cars and factoring in the local public transport routes is also something to be considered.

When looking for a new headquarters, of course, the internal logistics of the building are critical with regards to IT and connectivity. However, the necessary decisions beforehand will have to factor in the location, whether you should buy or let the building. This will have an impact on your stability and the financial stream of your business. Always keep in mind what you’re demanding from your employees with the big move also.

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