New To eCommerce? The Do’s & Don’ts Of Order Fulfilment

The idea of running an eCommerce business might sound like a very attractive prospect. You can run it from wherever you feel like, and a lot of traditional expenses can be bypassed entirely. When done well, eCommerce can be an inexpensive venture that brings in considerable profits. In order to reach that goal, you’re going to have to understand eCommerce more thoroughly. Everything from marketing to customer service must be considered. We’re going to use this opportunity to look at order fulfilment, and what you must (and mustn’t) do.

Don’t Forget To Double-Check Everything

As much as you might get all your order fulfilment requirements right, it only takes one mistake to ruin them. Unfortunately, order mispicking is a big reason why this stage of the process can go wrong. This is why double-checking orders is a crucial requirement of the job. It might feel like an unnecessary waste of time, but it only takes one instance to cause a huge problem. If you can prevent it from happening, all that extra work will be worth it.

Do Ensure You Have Enough Storage Space

You might think you can keep all your stock in your bedroom, but what happens when your business starts to grow? Initially, you might be able to store it in a few other rooms. Maybe, you could get creative and build an outdoor shed for your stock requirements? Or, companies like LTS and others will offer warehousing and storage space for you. Keep all these options in mind as you get started.

Don’t Fail To Update Stock Information Online

Customer service is your biggest priority when it comes to your business. If you can’t satisfy your customers, they’ll simply go somewhere else. One of the easiest ways to annoy them is to have inaccurate stock information on your site. If you’re advertising a product and then are forced to apologise for a lack of stock, that’s not painting a good impression. Keep a close eye and make sure you’re regularly updating.

Do Look To Other Companies For Ideas

If you’re not looking at huge companies like Amazon for ideas, why not?! They have perfected the art of selling online, from order fulfilment to marketing. They know how to convince customers to use their services, and you should be taking tips. Of course, you shouldn’t be copying from them, but using them as inspiration to improve your company’s processes. If you’re not doing this, you’re limiting your creativity and business potential.

Don’t Make False Promises

I know how much you want to make those sales, but making false promises isn’t a good idea. Customers want next day delivery if you can offer it, but they’re more than willing to do without it. But, if you’re going to make that promise, they expect it to be met. When you don’t, they’ll get angry, even though they weren’t bothered about next day delivery in the first place! It’s better to surprise them with an earlier-than-expected delivery than make false promises.

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