Online Business Trends for 2013: What You Need To Know

With 2012 coming to a close many people are starting to plan and think about business in 2013.  2012 has been a massive year for online business and 2013 is going to be the same. The online business market is changing ll of the time as there is always new technology coming out that changes the way we do stuff. However there are some trends that are going to last the year and Trend Watch has been researching to find out what consumers are going to want next year.

In this post i am going to talk about some of the top trends online for businesses in 2013 from market research and from what i can see becoming big in 2013. By taking note of some of these trends you can start to plan your business for 2013 and keep up to date with what consumers are demanding.

mobiles are big

Mobile phones are nearly everywhere we look these days and people under 24, on average send approximately 3000 messages per month. These days mobile phones can download applications and a lot of people are taking advantage of this to price compare products. Everyone wants to get the best bargain and price comparison on mobile is becoming more popular all the time. Furthermore many people want to build and develop for mobiles, weather that is a popular accessory or the latest application that is going to earn you a fortune. Mobile advertising is also big business with more businesses wanting to advertise on mobiles all of the time so coming up with new ways to advertise are going to be popular.

Crowd-funding is becoming popular

Crowd-funding is when a group of people invest an amount in a product to start-up  a business. Websites like Kickstarter mean that anyone can pay a small amount and invest in a product. We as consumers want more control over the products we purchase and by crowd-funding products that we like we can help to start-up companies with products that are going to benefit us.

Cloud storage will remain popular

customers are buying more gadgets all the time such as laptops,tablets and mobile phones. However most people want to access all of their data on all of their devices. For this reason cloud storage is going to remain popular as people are still going to want to access their data.

Streaming is growing

With Internet connections becoming faster all the time on computers and mobile devices, Internet streaming services have become popular. People do not want to fill up their devices with movies,videos and songs, instead they want to be able to access a wide range of media straight from their tech. I believe that in 2013 we will see more streaming services becoming available and at a lower cost because of greater competition. Any business that is planning to start providing streaming services in 2013 could do very well if they get the right niche and provide a unique service.

Social business

This has already became a growing business in 2012 but in 2013 more businesses than ever are going to be seen on social networks. Places such as Facebook and Twitter are the perfect place to customers to ask businesses questions and get a fast answer. with customers demanding better customer service all of the time more brands are going to want to be using social networks.

Furthermore social networks save businesses needing to employ as mush call center staff pay the costs of expensive phone systems all all anyone needs to get on social networks is a device connected to the Internet. Furthermore owners of small businesses will be able to talk to customers on the move as social networking on mobiles becomes easier than ever.


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