Reducing Errors in Your Business

Reducing Errors in Your Business

Employee errors are a normal part of business. We all make mistakes, and even the most experienced and diligent member of staff can make an error. Sometimes, these mistakes are quickly noticed and easily fixed. But, not always. Some errors get missed. They lead to more significant mistakes and problems, which can lose us customers and money. Big mistakes can even ruin reputations.

For a big business, this might not be a problem. Losing money isn’t the end of the world, and these companies can hire people to help them put a positive spin on the errors. What could have been a dent in their reputation can end up being a big boost to business. But, if you run a small business, this is rarely the case. A small, costly error can be the end of a company before it’s even had the chance to get going.

Completely eradicating employee error might not be plausible. You might even make the odd mistake yourself. But, there is a lot that you can do to reduce them. Allowing your business to grow and develop as it should, and as you know it can.

Streamline Processes

When you start a business, you set up systems to do things. Most of them are probably a little long winded. When your business is new, you do things the way that you know how, or the way that saves you money. Then, you get stuck in your ways. One of the leading causes of mistakes is systems that make things overly complicated.

So, take the time to streamline your systems. Use technology like SATbill to automate what you can, taking the responsibilities away from your staff and making things as easy as possible.

Analyse the Mistakes

When a mistake is made, don’t just brush it off, forget it and carry on. Analyse it. What was done wrong? Why did it happen? How did it not get noticed? Who made a mistake? Has it happened before? Try to understand what has gone wrong and why. This gives you a great chance to make the changes needed to ensure that the same thing doesn’t happen in the future.

Consistent Training

Another common cause of mistakes in the workplace is inadequate training. Many businesses give their new staff a brief training plan. Then, they throw them in and leave them to it. Never refreshing their training or adding to it when things in the workplace change.

Look at your training program. Give each staff member the time and focus that they need to do their job well. Then, offer extra training when things change, or when it’s needed.


As a business owner or manager, communication is key to the success of your company. Don’t just look at mistakes and make changes. Speak to your staff. Ask them what you could do, to make their job easier? Ask them why they are making mistakes. Ask them if they are finding things tough. Give them the training, support, and tools that they need to improve.

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