Ribbed vents protect against explosions in dusty conditions

Dusty conditions commonly associated with the storage and handling of grains and powders can potentially lead to dangerous explosions. As such, preventative measures must be taken to safeguard those working in these environments.

One solution is dust explosion specialist Elfab’s innovative ribbed explosion venting panel. With its robust construction, the panel ensures that operational excellence is maintained when low to medium levels of vacuum are present. As part of Elfab’s latest range of explosion protection solutions, this unique design can withstand vacuum or backpressure of up to 40% of the minimum burst pressure. This makes it suitable for many standard applications, such as silos and bucket elevators.

As a maintenance-free, non-torque sensitive explosion protection solution, the ribbed explosion vent is proving to be one of the most economic and efficient panels on the market, with its distinctive low profile, space-saving design. The low installation and storage costs also mean it is one of the most cost-effective options available.

The ribbed explosion vent is available with the optional benefit of an integral burst detection system for instantaneous notification when the panel has functioned. Elfab’s unique ATEX-approved burst detection system, Vent-Tel, was specifically designed for its range of explosion venting panels to further ensure onsite safety for its customers.

The Vent-Tel system utilises simple reed switch and magnet technology. When panel bursts do occur, the magnet moves away from the sensor, triggering an open circuit signal. This causes the immediate shut down of the process, preventing further damage and ensuring the safety of workers. Following an explosion, only the panel itself needs to be replaced, meaning reduced costs for the business and no need to store other parts on the premises.

It is now also available with the industry’s first GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) explosion vent burst alert system. By combining burst detection systems with GSM technology, alerts can be received via a mobile device, offering safer monitoring options in remote locations.

As a specialist in the pressure management industry, Elfab prides itself in offering the highest level of quality and is accredited to a number of leading industry standards. Its new range of explosion venting panels, including the ribbed design, are all “Protective System” ExII GD approved, offering a dust-tight seal for fail-safe explosion protection and rapid venting.

The panels are manufactured in-house, allowing them to be created in a variety of sizes and shapes to withstand varying burst pressures and temperatures. By using the company’s innovative in-house technology, the lead time for creating the panels is reduced, resulting in minimal downtime for customers and more efficient management of their supply chain.

For more information on the available sizes and specifications, visit the Elfab site.

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