Running Business Meetings With AV Technology

For some time now, technology has been advancing at an unprecedented rate; it now has the potential to completely transform how people host their business meetings.

Perhaps the main benefit of using AV technology in your get-togethers is that it helps to increase the efficacy of presentations by helping to deliver core messages to attendees in more of an engaging manner, as opposed to just spouting off numbers and jargon for extended periods of time.

Whether a meeting involves the use of retractable displays, wireless sound components, touchscreen technology or digital signage; ultimately providing people with sensory stimulation will keep them alert and a lot more receptive to your presentation.

Planning a Meeting with AV Technology

While there are usually several issues to address in a meeting, it is important to always start by identifying the focal point of your session’s agenda.

Once this has been highlighted, AV technology can then be used to give your focal point authority within the flow and context of your presentation, whether it’s through the use of emphatic music, eye-catching digital signage or a series of aesthetically pleasing interactive features.

Audio Equipment

Effective audio equipment is essential for large rooms, as it ensures that all the attendees can hear the speaker. The inclusion of sound effects and music where they are appropriate can introduce a significant spark of entertainment to your material; an essential ingredient for keeping audiences fully engaged and captivated with the content of your meeting.

Business consultations and presentations are most effective when attention is on the speaker, so anything that allows more a compelling movement during a speech will be sure to enhance delivery and drive engagement.

Visual Equipment

During long and complex discussions, it can be difficult to retain the interest and concentration of attendees. Minimising opportunities for distraction should be one of the key goals when using visual presentation aids.

The use of interactive surfaces, digital signage, LCD screens and projector walls can help to keep people focused on one specific message at a time, ensuring that the key messages and takeaways are fully understood.

For multinational businesses, meetings have historically been very expensive to organise. The costs of travel and accommodation can be significant, even for large companies. But, by using the latest video conferencing equipment, it is now possible to bring people together from all over the world.

Wherever they are in the world, everyone in your brainstorm can take an active role in discussions through a combination of high definition webcams and sensitive microphones.

One of the most precious commodities in modern business is time, and the use of some carefully chosen visual aids can significantly reduce the time it takes to get a message across.

Where a message is particularly complex, or where it would take a particularly long time to ensure it is understood by everyone, the use of digital graphs, pie charts, diagrams and photographs can prove very useful; making your material much easier for your attendees to absorb. These visual aids can be brought up on screens in a fraction of a second, and they can shave off vital minutes trying to explain a topic during the meeting.

Bringing It All Together For A Successful Meeting

By now you will have realised that engagement amongst attendees is vital to the success of any meeting, so planning the effective use of audio and visual equipment in advance is a necessity.

Decisions concerning the types of equipment are needed will depend on several factors:

  • The budget
  • The power outlets available
  • The size of the room
  • Whether the gathering is indoors or outside
  • Any practical considerations, such as wall space for mounting LCD screens

Business meetings are vital for sharing information, setting standards and driving employee performance. However, attendees are unlikely to get the most out of them if they simply involve a speaker imparting information for a long period of time.

By utilising the very latest AV technology, business owners and managers can better address any given topic and inspire a more engaged, efficient and motivated team in the process.

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