Safe And Security At Night: The Best Methods For Protecting Your Business

Securing your workplace, whatever time of day it is, should be something that you need to be very aware of. With threats to data security and theft being two of the highest risks to businesses, you must be vigilant with how you protect your company. Here are a few methods to help increase security.

Increase The Lighting

Having more light at night when there is no staff in the building will help reduce the number of theft attempts. It’s like the age-old trick when people go on holiday to deter burglars. Leave your lights on at night, and it gives the impression that there is someone at home! This is exactly the same.

A Security Guard

If you have the budget to stretch to a security guard, then it is absolute peace of mind. If you are a smaller business, it can prove to be a bit of a tighter stretch financially. Having a security guard is a wise choice to make when you have a large building. Having additional security, like security patrol dogs around a large site won’t go amiss too!

Security Cameras

Having a secure setup with your cameras will help at night. It is common practice, and you will have no doubt thought about this. But with the costs in security systems, it can be an investment that wasn’t planned for. A way around this in the short term is to install fake, or “dummy” CCTV cameras. For a lot of people, the sight of a security camera is enough to deter them from doing anything. So it is a great investment in the short-term if you need to get a security system sorted for the future.


Anti-Virus Programs

Security for your computer systems is essential. With the amount of computer viruses and malware out there, you can’t afford to go without a good anti-virus package to check emails from outside sources. Your company will handle hundreds of items of information on a daily basis, a lot of it of a sensitive nature. Making sure that the information is protected will reduce headaches later regarding data breaches and incurring fines if data is leaked to the public by a hacker.

Securing Items Away At The End Of The Day

Good practice regarding data protection is to enforce the habit of clearing away documents or fragments of paper that may hold sensitive information. Either assigning someone to check at the end of the day or to have designated confidential waste bins are great to prevent any data leaks. Plus, it does help employ good cleaning habits!

ID Badges For Employees

Having security badges that are electronically linked to a security gate is a great method of keeping people away from from the business. Even for visitors, you can use temporary ID cards that can be deactivated at the end of the day to tighten security. This is a great benefit when employees leave the company and don’t return their badge. It helps to prevent any unwanted conflicts!
There are a few methods to tighten security. But no amount of high-tech gadgets can replace vigilance. So, stay safe and on the lookout!

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