Say Hello To Profits And Make Money From Student Accommodation

We all know that making money in the property market is a very good business idea. Bearing that in mind, you should start looking for student accommodation. There’s a lot of cash to be made here, and the potential for big profit margins.

I’ve got a few words of advice to help you get more out of this business idea:

Ensure You’re In A Good Location

If you want to have a successful student accommodation business, then you need to be in a good location. The houses you offer have to be within a suitable distance of the university. Otherwise, it won’t be appealing to students. Also, think about the nightlife in the area. Is it close to the main hotspots that students regularly attend? If it is, then you’re onto a winner. In an ideal situation, your accommodation will be close to both the university and the best nightclubs and pubs.

Offer Attractive Rental Prices

Students are known to be very low on money during their stay at university. So, when they have to find a place to live, they want to save as much as they can. Any private places that are priced too high will be off their radar immediately. Of course, you could stick your prices high and cater to wealthy students. But, you’ll be looking at a minority here, and it may be harder to find tenants. My advice is to try and make your rental prices as attractive as possible. This will help you get more potential tenants.

Get Affordable & Comfortable Furniture

Students will be looking for a place that supplies them with good furniture. The last thing they want is to pay for something that gives them uncomfortable stuff. Thankfully, you can get student accommodation furniture that is both comfortable and affordable. Trust me; this is a key thing that sets your place apart from the rest. Students are more likely to pay for private accommodation if they know there’s good furniture there. Obviously, the price is important as it helps determine your profit margins. Try and save money, but don’t miss out on the quality.

Provide Fibre Internet

One amazing hack to put our properties ahead of the rest is to ensure they have fibre internet access. Why? Because this can supply your properties with the fastest internet speeds possible. If anyone has ever met a student, you’ll know they need fast internet. It shouldn’t be hard to get fibre broadband in your student property. It all depends on whether or not it’s available in the area. Luckily, most residential areas have access to it, so, you shouldn’t have too much trouble. The fact your property can provide fibre broadband will make it very appealing to students. Also, I advise you to promote this fact. Make it one of your main points when marketing your property. Even if other properties have access to it, they might not shout about it. You should; it gives you the edge.

Invest in student accommodation and you’ll soon see a massive return on investment. If you do things properly, you’ll make tonnes of money and can start a student property empire.

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