Send Your Company’s Stock Skyrocketing!

Many companies want to increase their stock in order to generate more profit and increase their standing in the world of business and finance. Increasing that value, however, is much easier said than done! We’re going to have a quick look at some of the best things you can do in order to increase your stock.

New products

Guess what happens whenever Apple announce a new iPod or iPhone? Their stock goes up. Of course, you’re going to need to really blow people’s socks off in order to see a value increase akin to that which Apple sees when they announce something.

One thing I’ll suggest: don’t follow Apple’s methods. Their products make no new strides and often see reductions in features that consumers love with each new product; their stock goes up, and the products get sold, because Apple has amassed a cult following that will buy whatever they offer. Your product should be what Apple products are not: innovative, market-gap-filling, and worthy of attention. Couple this with a great product launch.

Better supply management

The resources you acquire as a business speaks volumes for your value. They include the contracts you sign with other businesses, funding, goods, information, and other services. It’s also about the price at which you can acquire these things; if you spend a lot, you have to make up for it by earning a lot.

How you go about the supply management of your business can increase gross margins as well as net margins; they also have big effects on your cash flow, as well as how much you sell your own goods and services for. All of these things affect your stock value. If you’re looking to upgrade your supply management dealings, consider working with a procurement recruitment agency.

Social media dominance

People like to see that a company has a big influence on social media. Understand that having a billion followers won’t help you much if you aren’t making great products, but it’s certainly a big part of things! The more you engage with your consumers, the more popular you can become – which, of course, helps your stock value.

Another thing to consider is that the more followers you have, the bigger the waves you make when you announce new products or other good news. And the wider that news can spread, the more (positive) impact it can have on your stock value! Of course, don’t go taking tips from Twitter themselves, as their stock is often in some sort of fall.


Success begets success! When things are going really well for your company, your stock will increase. However, you should be careful not to think too short-term about all of this. Maximizing shareholder value shouldn’t be your only goal, as that can cause a lot of problems for your business in the long-term. You should have other reasons for wanting to increase the value of your stock, as opposed to filling the wallets of who are, ultimately, the most disinterested and non-committal people in your business (i.e. the shareholders).

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