Should You Give Your Employees A Company Car?

Giving your employees benefits is a good way to attract the best candidates and make sure that your best people don’t move to another job. Private healthcare and life insurance are both great incentives but the most common one is a company car. You might not think that giving employees a company car is worth it because it’s going to cost you a lot of money and you’re already attracting good quality staff but there’s more to it than that. There are all sorts of benefits to giving your employees a company car that you might never have thought of before.

Specialized Vehicles

If your employees need specialized vehicles like vans or lorries to carry out their job, you’re going to have to supply those most of the time. Occasionally you might hire somebody that already has their own van but more often than not, they won’t and people won’t take the job if they have to buy their own. Even if a vehicle isn’t vital but it would make their job a lot easier, it’s a good idea to give your employees a company vehicle.

Improve Your Image

If your employees are turning up to meetings in an old rust bucket that’s falling apart, that reflects badly on you. It gives the impression that you don’t look after your employees which could imply that you don’t have the money to pay them properly. That’s not going to send the right message to people. Equally, if they drive around in a flash sports car and show up to meetings in that, it might give the impression that you’re reckless with your money and you’re paying too much. The best thing to do is strike a good balance between the two by giving your employees a company car. That way you can control the image that they’re conveying.


The cost of supplying company cars is one of the main things that puts businesses off doing it but you can make it work for you by using advertising. A lot of people think that putting branding on your car is a tacky way of advertising but it actually works very well. You can reach hundreds of thousands of people every day with adverts on a vehicle and if you’ve got a lot of employees, each with a company car covered in advertising, that’s a huge amount of potential customers that you’re reaching. The return on that advertising can go a long way to covering the costs of providing the car in the first place.

Keeping Tabs

If you’ve got a lot of salespeople out on the road all of the time you don’t want them to be wasting time. If they’re driving around in their own cars, you’ll struggle to get them to agree to installing a tracker in their car. However, if you’re providing the car for them, they’ve got no choice. You can see exactly how they’re utilising their time and if there are any inefficiencies, you can deal with them right away.

Supplying company cars is a pretty big outlay to begin with but it brings a lot of benefits with it so it’s definitely worth doing.  

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