Should You Hire A Social Media Marketing Expert?

Should You Hire A Social Media Marketing Expert?

With the rise in popularity of social media not just in the millennial generation but across a whole range of ages, a lot of people that have set up a company are realizing the earning potential of including social media in their marketing strategy. If you have already realized this as a business owner, you will have also discovered that it takes a lot more time than just creating a profile to make the social media side of your marketing worth it. It takes quite a large portion of time to build up enough of a following that you can utilize for the marketing potential of social media. You may be thinking about hiring a social media marketing expert, so here are few things to consider before advertising the open position in your company.

Define Your Goals

Yes, social media is popular, but that cannot be the drive behind hiring a consultant and spending time, and money, investing in your online profiles. You need to know what you want from growing your social media presence. Do you want to have an increase communication with your customers, increase your website traffic, use it as a research tool to find a gap in the market your business can fill,  retain loyal customers by having an easier complaints and Q&A service, or all of the above? Having goals that are not only achievable, but measurable, in place before recruiting will allow you to measure how valuable this team member will be to your business, and allow you to weigh up the outgoing cost and the benefits.

Think About Your Target Audience

Even though social media is popular across a range of ages, you have to be honest with yourself about how active your company’s target audience is on certain social media profiles. It is not just all about Facebook. If your target audience is quite young, you will have an excess of profiles to choose from including YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. You will need to do some research into each to see how your brand will stand out from your competitors’ and if it will be more likely to gain traction on one site vs another. Taking the time to research into your buyers’ personas and work out where they spend most of their time online could help you to work on the sites that are most likely to benefit your company profits. It will help you to decipher how your chosen audience consume the content they are shown, and allow you to cater your social media marketing to that particular absorption. 

Look At Your Competition

A distinguished way of carrying out the research mentioned above in this article is to look at how your competitors successfully use their social media sites. You will be able to look at tried and tested strategies and measure their success when mapped out against each other, and it will give you an idea at what social media sites best work for your market area.  

Social media is only going to grow in popularity and success over the next few years, so it is a good idea to invest ahead of the game, rather than to be late to the bandwagon and miss out on the potential increased earnings.

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