Significance of SEO in Internet Marketing

Every time Google updates their algorithm, it changes the way we think about SEO. Over the past few year, even the past few month, SEO has gone and continue to go under a radical evolution. Websites used to be able to get away with stuffing keywords into blog posts, website pages, and meta data. For those that don’t know, meta data is the behind the scenes keyword optimization on any website.

So let’s look into the significance of SEO in internet marketing.

Internet marketing depends on attracting visitors to your site, and SEO is all about getting visitors to your site.

SEO is no longer just about getting your website found online. You now need it to improve how website visitors engage with your content. Optimizing for search engines is still important but optimizing for your website visitors is the main goal. If you only optimise for a search engine robot that crawls your site, visitors aren’t going to feel warm and cozy when they get there and your bounce rate will be through the roof.

That’s why SEO and internet marketing work hand in hand. SEO will get your website featured better on the search engine but internet marketing will help you publish content that is personalised and relevant so the people on the search engine will click to your site. Once on the site, internet marketing guides them and provides them with the information that they were initially looking for. Sprinkle some calls-to-action around the site and you’ll convert the visitors into leads in no time!

SEO can’t be done by an IT specialist, you need a marketer.

There are SEO companies out there that say they can get you ranked #1 on the search engines! Some of them are legitimate. However some of them just have people cramming your site with keywords that are easy to get found for but don’t relate to your business the most or even at all!

SEO is made behind the scenes and is a little bit more technical but you can’t have someone do it who doesn’t know what the strategy behind it is. It requires more than just the technical part of entering it in, although you can just hire someone to enter the stuff in for you, yet you need a marketer, like FCR Media to plan it. Research is needed to find the best keywords and to guide the whole process and that is best done by an internet marketer.

Internet marketing and SEO work together.

When someone says they work in internet marketing, others respond with “Oh, so you get websites found on Google?”

Well, sure that’s the SEO part of it but there’s more to it, they’re linked.

Internet marketing focuses on giving information to people interested in your business and turning those people into potential customers. In order to do this you need to create content, optimise for conversions, use social media, and other internet marketing tactics.

And that’s the significance of SEO in internet marketing, it’s one of those tactics. It’s a specific tactic that will help all of the content creation and conversion optimizations to be seen by more people. Thus, creating more traffic from search engines, like Google. So yes, they are separate things but SEO works together with other tactics as part of internet marketing.


The significance of SEO in internet marketing is that above all else, SEO is how you create an overall experience for users of search engines. That experience however goes beyond the search engines and carries over onto your website, even past when they close out of that browser.

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