Sponsored Video: revolutionising R&D with IBM HPC Cloud

In recent years our computing power has increased significantly and this is only set to continue with the rise of cloud computing. If you are unsure of what cloud computing is then it is anything that involves using hosted services over the internet. For example if you store files online then you are taking advantage of cloud computing – they are hosted online for you to access from wherever you are.

New technology such as IBM’s HPC Cloud (High performance Computing Cloud) reduces costs for businesses and creates unlimited storage capability thanks to the ability to add extra servers according to demand using parallel server technology. The enterprise software also takes advantage of encryption to ensure data is kept secure.

One project taking advantage of this is Aeromines. The unique project uses the HPC cloud technology from IBM to create an environment for students, researchers and industries to collaborate. The project is currently taking place at the prestigious Ecole Des Mines engineering school in France & is being led by Professor Elie Hachem. For the project to take place, he successfully applied for the IBM technology grant which has allowed him to bring the project to life.

By creating a collaborative environment the project can reduce the time taken to test new ideas by up to 91%. This gives a practical approach and unique advantage which will allow Ecole Des Mines Engineering School to pioneer new research and innovation. The project works using a Pay-As-You-Need model to pricing. This avoids any costly big investments and helps keep costs down for the school.

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