Sponsored Video: Rolex Awards For Enterprise to Be Honoured on November 17th

The 17th of November will see five winners of the Rolex Awards being honoured in London. The awards are open to individuals from different backgrounds and provide them with financial assistance to embark on a variety of new ventures that show enterprise spirit and help advance human knowledge.

Once an individual has applied for the award, they are assessed by a Jury made up of international experts. For each award series a new panel is chosen to judge the awards. There are many factors that the Rolex Awards judge on including the projects potential for a sustained impact on the world.

For this year’s awards there have already been five candidate’s that will be honoured with the award. Here is some more information about each candidate and their project ideas:


Francesco is a leader of expeditions into some of the world’s darkest places and looks at further projects to explore the ‘lost world’. With his team, Francesco will penetrate eep into the caves of South America’s remote jungle. They hope to find something entirely new that is not existent to current human knowledge.

Arthur Zang

Arthur’s revolutionary Cardio Pad looks to provide great increases to the quality of cardiac medicine across Africa. Learning his computing knowledge at University, Arthur looks set to transform the quality of healthcare for millions across Africa.

Oliver Nsengimana

Oliver, who is from Rwanda has a passion to help rebuild his country saving Rwanda’s Grey Crowned Crane is just the start. Working as a field veterinarian he currently conducts disease research on wild animals to stop potentially dangerous viruses.

Hosam Zowawi

Bacteria that’s is resistant to antibiotics is a serious threat for 21st century science. Hosam is helping lead the fight back by developing new tests for antibiotic resistance and how to prevent it.

Neeti Kailas

Despite India coming a long way in recent years, there are still babies with hearing difficulties that are not diagnosed early enough. Neeti hopes to change this with her new design for a screening test.

All of the successful award winners will be honoured in London. If you think that you could come up with the next idea to help advance human knowledge then you can check the Rolex Awards out on Facebook.


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