Sponsored Video: Toyota iRoad Makes Way for Car Sharing of The Future

As travelling business people one of the most challenging parts of our journeys is often the “last mile”. This is notably problematic in large cities where there simply is not enough train stations and where buses not a viable option. However in one French city this appears to be all about to change.

The city of Grenoble is set in southern France and has already been famed for being innovative. The project will involve five partners including Ha:mo ( The company behind Cité lib car sharing) and Toyota who will provide the iRoad vehicles. The idea for behind this exciting new car sharing project is to create and implement the business technology capable of tomorrow’s urban mobility.

Once you have reached the nearest public transport station to your destination you will then be able to use the one mile mobility system to find an iRoad vehicle that is available to take you to your final destination. The unique mobile application allows you to book a vehicle so that you can have one waiting for as soon as you get off public transport. Furthermore with charging stations throughout Grenoble a vehicle will always be charged and waiting for you. Once you have arrived at an iRoad Vehicle you can drive it to your destination and then leave it a local charging point which is great as there is no need to worry about parking.

The Toyota iRoad is a unique vehicle that it certainly going to grab your attention and we can imagine your first drive being a great experience. The vehicle itself only has three wheels & leans when you take a corner, just like a motorbike. However unlike a motorbike the iRoad stabilizes itself using a synchronized response to the drivers steering so there is no need to wear a helmet.  It is incredibly compact at 870mm wide which is great for city driving that involves a lot of cornering and manoeuvring through traffic. Toyota have clearly been thinking ahead with this project as this Electronic Vehicle emits zero C02 emissions, therefore providing a lot of longevity for the future.

This integrated mobility service certainly looks to be leading the way in future car sharing, something that has become popular in recent years. The current project is happening in Grenoble for the next three years to allow the creators to see how the system works out. However I’m sure in the future we will see an increase in this focus towards urban mobility and solving the problem of the “last mile” in both business and personal travel.


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