Sponsored Video: Using the Acer Iconia W4 for Business

As a small business owner, a tablet PC is probably one of the handiest tools you carry with you. They are great for managing documents on the move and keeping up to date with emails. Acer has recently launched their new Iconia W4 tablet which provides a great viewing experience with long battery life.

The Iconia W4 is a windows based tablet. This ensures all the same business applications are available as with a Desktop PC. Being windows based tablet means that you can also access the 125,000 apps available on the Windows Store. As a business user, we find Office is a great benefit for us as it means editing documents on the move and checking over Spread sheets.  Furthermore with Windows you do not have to settle for a mobile version of Office, as with other tablets.

The hardware of the Iconia W4 is equally impressive. The device boasts a screen with 170° viewing angles and Zero Air Gap Technology for clear viewing even in sunlight. Using a tablet like this for business means that there is no need to stay in the office all day. With the portability of the Iconia W4 you can stay productive on the move and keep in communication with your employees while out of the office.

A problem that we find with some tablets is the lack of performance from the processors. However the Iconia W4 boasts a 4th Generation Intel® Atom™ 1.8 GHz processor. High performance processors like this allow you to multi task with business applications and ensure maximum efficiency for business computing. If you need to open a Word document attached to an email then this will be no problem, minimising the delay and allowing you to spend maximum time working.

For us, the Acer Iconia W4 really stands out as a Desktop PC on the move. Equipped with Windows and a high spec processor, there really is no need for a traditional computer anymore. We believe this tablet would be appropriately suited to anyone looking to manage their business on the move. Furthermore, with the keyboard accessory there really is no excuse to leave your business in the office.


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