Staff challenges and how to handle them

Staff challenges and how to handle them

Running a business can be rewarding but tough, especially when it comes to managing staff. Here we have listed the most common problems you can face when you manage people and some suggestions on how to handle these situations.


There is often mistrust between employers and employees. Employers have a duty of care over their employees however, the fact that your employers have to prioritize making sure that the company makes money, can lead to employees feeling that they will be willing to do so at the expense of their wellbeing. It is important to build up a level of trust between yourself and your employees, firstly so that you can rely on them to meet their obligations and complete their work with company objectives in mind, and secondly because it is your responsibility to make sure they are happy at work.

There are plenty of things you can do to encourage trust in your employees. You can make small sacrifices to show that money isn’t always your priority. Spend a little extra on equipment tailored towards them specifically for example, if they have restricted vision, invest in a larger monitor for them. Take the time to have one to one meetings with them to make sure they feel that they are being heard. And most importantly, follow up on any promises you make to them regarding improvements that can be made to their work experience.

When they see you sticking to your word and showing genuine concern for their welfare, they will begin to trust you. You will reap the benefits in the quality of work they produce when they have respect for you and the company.

Not sharing information

Miscommunication can be a big problem in a lot of companies, and it is important that you have an efficient way of sharing information and communicating with each other. The best way to achieve this is by setting up a company computer network. These are easy to monitor as well for example, here are some tools which are available to help you notice any problems that arise.

Low engagement/long term thinking

Sometimes you can notice a drop in your engagement from your employers. It is important to tackle this when you see it as it can result in a decrease in productivity. A lack of long-term thinking from your employees can mean that they’re less willing to contribute ideas which could positively impact the future of the business.

To help to re-ignite your employees’ interest in their work, share some of the ideas of the company’s goals with them, to help them to see the direction you’re trying to head in. Ask them what would help them to feel more motivated. Do they need some aims themselves? Could you set individual goals for them?

Your staff are the most important part of your business, so it is important to make sure they are happy in their roles. Build up a trusting relationship with them, make sure communication within the company is fluid and make sure everybody is suitably stimulated within their role.

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