Starting a Home Business as a Craftsman? Here’s What You Haven’t Thought Of

Starting a Home Business as a Craftsman? Here’s What You Haven’t Thought Of

When you are starting your home business making and building your own craft projects, it is likely that you have already thought of what you are planning to make, where you are going to base your workshop and how you are going to market your products. You have probably already planned where your materials will come from and how to make the most profit too.

But have you thought about the cheapest way to manufacture goods at home? Have you considered your online presence properly? Have you considered investing in green technology to power your workspace? Answer these questions and you will be on your way to success.


The Right Tools for the Job

Every craft requires the right tools but some tools come cheaper than others. Getting the balance right between investing in the best equipment and being able to afford everything you need to start with can be difficult. However, there are ways to get around your troubles.

If you are planning to use battery powered tools, have you considered buying them from the same provider so that you only need to get one battery for all? Or, have you considered switching to pneumatic tools such as nail guns and spray guns, which are often cheaper when used with an air compressor. Finding the best for your money may mean looking at tools you haven’t considered before, but staying open to different options will offer you a new perspective.

Updating Your Website

If your marketing is predominantly social media based, it can be easy to forget to update your website as you go along. A simple solution is to add a blog feature where you can provide your prospective clients with photos of recent projects, any fairs you have been to or even guide for using your products. A blog is also an easy way to make sure that you have something new to post on social media every day.

As a craftsman, the most important thing on your blog will be your gallery. This will show your prospective clients your amazing skill set and give them an idea of what they can buy or commission from you. Ask every client for a short statement about their commission too, to give a little more detail and show that you are reliable and good to work with.

The Power of Green

If you are working in a workshop, it might be worth investing in green technology like solar panels or even a wind turbine (depending on where you are) to power your tools. You can use a battery to store the electricity you produce too. This could be a good way to show that you are environmentally friendly, but will also serve as a good investment in the future as you will save on your bills.

Starting a home business as a craftsman is a really exciting prospect and there is a lot to think about besides your product. The main thing, though, is to have fun with what you are doing and give people every opportunity to buy your wares.

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