Struggle With Computers, Or Just Don’t Have Time? No Worries, Someone Else Will Do It!

   One of the biggest challenges faced by new businesses is figuring out how to use all of the services available to you. Everyone has a different level of computer know-how, so below you can find a few different options to take the load off.

Step Back and Leave It To Someone Else 

   For people with busy lives or who don’t want anything to do with computers, you can have pretty much everything handled by other people. It doesn’t require an office or dedicated staff, so even the smallest business’ can take this approach. The answer is; outsourcing! With the dawn of the Internet and cloud-computing, loads of companies offering to manage your business’ IT have appeared. These companies can manage your users, emails, data backups and even IT support. With a quick search of something like “outsourced IT services,” you can find companies that operate within your city or town. They’re everywhere. The best part is, pretty much all of these companies offer each of their services stand-alone, so you only pay for what you need.

Nervous, But Still Pretty Savvy? 

   If you’ve got a bit of time on your hands, but not enough to learn how to use some of the most complicated pieces of tech on the planet, options like Microsoft’s Office 365 or Google’s Business Services are great. You have to set them all up yourself, but the systems are simple and easy to use. And if you run into any problems, they have great support that can solve your problems and show you how to solve them in the future. You may still need other services with this approach, but they’re a great starting point. This sort of option is usually more cost effective, but of course, will take more time.

Want To Learn? 

   Dropping work to become self-employed is becoming more and more common. And big software businesses have responded well. You can find hundreds of programs, apps and plugins to help run a business. And a lot of them are free! The only problem is, they can be hard to learn. But have no fear, if you want to do everything yourself, there are tonnes of resources to help you along. If you’re budget conscious, you can find free guides and tutorials on Youtube and loads of blog sites. But the best approach takes a bit of cash. Websites such as Lynda offer comprehensive software guides, teaching you how the program works from the ground up. Sites like this usually charge monthly, so if you can dedicate a lot of time within a single month to learning, it can be very cost effective.

   Hopefully, this will help when it comes to moving your business to the digital age. If you need any help with making these choices, you can find online consultation services. They usually charge a minimal fee and can tell you exactly which services would be best for you.

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