Successful Advertising Tips for Your New Businesses

Possibly one of the hardest parts of beginning a new business or start up is knowing how to successfully advertise your business to potential clients. Unless your business is extremely niche, or operating in an under-saturated market, you may find that getting noticed is easier said than done.

There are, however, many great strategies which can be used to good effect for promoting your new business. Some of these strategies are simple and cheap, whereas others may be more time consuming or costly, however all of them will help your new business or start up to thrive from the get go.

What Kind of Advertising is Right for Your Business?

Not all businesses will experience success across the board with any type of advertising. Certain promotional strategies are only appropriate for certain businesses, and even then it’s important to take into consideration various factors before committing to any kind of advertising strategy. These may include:

  • The interests and behaviours of your target demographic.
  • What kind of media they use; TV, radio, newspapers etc.
  • The potential saleability of your product or services, including both positive and negative aspects.
  • Your time and budgetary constraints.
  • The legal aspects of advertising your products or services.
  • Potential cost-saving measures, including how to generate free word of mouth and reciprocal advertising opportunities.

By going through all of these points, you will find that your advertising strategy begins to take form. Having identified your target demographic, how to reach them and what they will be interested in, you’ll find it much easier to decide upon which forms of advertising would be the most effective ways to promote your new business.

For some of the best and most cost effective advertising options for small businesses, take a look at the following options and see if any of them inspire you when creating your own comprehensive advertising strategy.

Get in Touch with Local Media

Local media coverage is a great way for a new business to get noticed. Take a look at your local newspapers and online media resources, to get an idea of what kind of business stories they cover. You may find it’s the case that in order to get coverage you will need to get involved with the local community; consider having your business take part in some eco-friendly activities, charity fundraising or local sponsorship.

Flyers and Leaflets

Flyers and leaflets can be extremely effective, but it all depends on what kind of business you have as to how appropriate this type of advertising is. If you decide to use flyers and leaflets to advertise your new business, make sure you research your target demographic thoroughly beforehand. Make your flyers and leaflets easy to understand and eye-catching, and consider including promotional offers or information about discounts, within the content.

Joining a Local Business Organisation

Most towns and cities have small business organisational groups, wherein business owners may meet, share information and discuss relevant current affairs. Most groups also offer exclusive advertising opportunities, which become available upon purchase of membership. This one-off cost could be well worth it if your sales increase as a result.

Showcase Your Business with Banners and Signs

Banners and signs can be an extremely cost-effective, eye catching solution which will reach your target audience by bringing them in off the street. Direct, versatile and completely customisable, banners and signs can act as the first point of contact which your business will have with potential customers; showcasing your brand ethos, products and services in a fun, colourful way. Additionally, if you invest in purchasing high quality banner and signs you will find that they look better and last longer, thereby advertising your business more effectively.

Advertise Online with Social Media

Many consumers now do much of their shopping online, and having a strong online brand presence could potentially make or break your new business. In addition to shopping online, a large number of consumers also place more trust in a brand which has social media visibility, so it’s a good idea to set up a Facebook page for your business, as well as a website and additional accounts on Twitter or LinkedIn. Not only will your online presence encourage customers to give you their business, it will also provide a mouthpiece for your business with which you can run promotions, gain feedback and mediate any disputes.

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