Taking Care of Your Small Business’ Delivery Options

Taking Care of Your Small Business’ Delivery Options

Running an online store can simplify running your business in various ways. You don’t have to hire as many staff, as you don’t have a shop floor to manage. You don’t have to invest in as much security. Health and safety still reigns supreme for you and your employees, but you don’t have to worry about compensation claims from customers who have slipped in your commercial premises… the list goes on and on. But operating online does come with its unique requirements and you are going to have to dedicate attention to areas that you may be unfamiliar with if you’re more used to running a traditional brick and mortar store. One aspect of online retail that you’re going to have to get to grips with pretty quickly is shipping and delivery options. When customers purchase products from you through your Ecommerce store, you’re going to have to find a way of getting their packages to them. Here’s a little information that should help you to achieve this easily!

Standard Parcels

If you are dealing with average sized stock that isn’t overly large and doesn’t weigh all too much, you can generally engage with standard shipping practice. You can post your products through your local post office or through a courier. These services will generally give you (and consequently your customers) the choice of economy delivery, next day delivery, and tracked delivery.

  • Economy – this is the best delivery option for customers who aren’t in a rush to receive their items and who want to save money on shipping. It is cheap, convenient, and shouldn’t take all too long.
  • Next Day – this option will cost customers more but it will ensure that their items are with them the next day. This is great in regards to convenience and offering high quality service.
  • Tracked – if you are sending goods of a high value, you may want to ensure that your packages are tracked for your own sake. This will show whether customers have received their parcel or not. A signature will show they have what they’ve ordered and can prevent fraudulent claims for refunds being made.

Heavy or Large Parcels

If you are sending particularly large or heavy parcels, you may have to charge your customers extra for heavy parcel delivery. This tends to cost more, as more people need to be hired and present to move and deliver the goods safely.

International Shipping

If you find that you have a potential customer base overseas, you may also want to offer international shipping options. This will open your brand up to a worldwide stage and will allow people from around the globe to make purchases with you. You will generate more profit and customers from near and far can be happy with your service!

As you can see, there’s a whole lot to bear in mind and consider when it comes to delivering your items to your customers. But hopefully, the above information will help you to get everything from you to them quickly, safely, and securely!

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