Taking your local business to the next level

Whilst running your own local business can have its own undoubted rewards in terms of regular customers, the support of neighbouring businesses, and a fixed local identity, it can sometimes be frustrating when trying to expand beyond local horizons.

But using the following methods, businesses can use the internet to reach new audiences in a easy and cost-effective manner.

Strong website

For most customers, encountering your company’s website will be their first experience of the services and products that you offer. Because of this, having a clearly laid out website with professional and regularly updated content is key to providing a strong brand feel to any new customers. Making sure that any information displayed is accurate is incredibly important, and whilst setting up an online shop is desirable, it can be a costly exercise.

Interestingly, 60% of small businesses still don’t have a website, but there can be huge advantages to maintaining a digital profile. The Bedstar company provides a great example of a website that clearly and simply allows customers to research, browse, and buy their range of beds, frames, mattresses and accessories.

It achieves this through the following criteria:

  • Concise and accurate main content – detailing the brand’s products and services
  • Clear navigation – handy navigation tool located front and centre
  • Helpful supplementary links – guiding users to their specific area of interest
  • Handy contact links – for any customer service issues

Social media

And similarly, in order to keep customers up to date with your products and special offers, using the range of social media applications is an easy and incredibly cheap way to expand your profile.

Seeing as nearly three quarters of all adults use social media sites, it can be a great way to promote your products to new customers via sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

So in order to take advantage of the social media revolution, try the following methods:

  • Consistent and regular posting – remind customers that you are out there
  • Reach out to similar businesses – share the support of like-minded companies
  • Special offers – reward loyalty with limited offers via social media
  • Respond to comments – make the most of the new interactive relationship with customers

Being search friendly

Given that search engines are the most commonly used the aspect of the internet, it’s important that any prospective customers can easily able to find you via a web search.

So simply learning how to use keywords that are relevant to the product that you are promoting will undoubtedly help you climb the ladder of Google’s search results and find brand new audiences.

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