Targeting Decision Makers in 2016

Check out our latest report exploring what really influences marketing and technology decision makers.

LinkedIn and Twitter are the most effective social media channels for reaching B2B decision makers, right?

Not according to our latest global influence study, The Changing Face of Influence, with Vanson Bourne.

See, we thought it was about time someone dispelled some of those age old myths around where the sought after C-suite can be found.

So, to help make sense of the way they really engage with media sources, we carried out a survey of 1,000 marketing and technology decision makers – exploring their habits, preferred channels and the ways they make use of different sources of information to make purchasing decisions.

You might just be surprised by the results…

1 in 4 decision makers say Facebook is their preferred social channel of choice when seeking information on a purchasing decision…ranking it ahead of LinkedIn and Twitter.

Mind blown yet?

We’re just getting started! There’s lots more juicy stats for you to get your hands on in the full report.

So, download the report to find out what really influences your C-Suite customer and start investing in the channels that actually matter.

We’ve also thrown in an infographic to whet your appetite even more.


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