Tasks Which Your Small Business Should Be Outsourcing

If you’ve just started your business, then you obviously have quite a lot on your plate. You’re likely to have start-up costs still hanging over your head. There might be recruitment drives to think about, or an endless list of administrative duties. While it’s nice to run a business that’s totally independent, you can make things easier on yourself by outsourcing certain tasks. Here are a few you should be thinking about.

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Firstly, social media management. If you didn’t think you’d have anything to do with social media, then you’ve got a lot to learn about marketing! There’s a massive proportion of consumers using social media daily. You’ll need to harness this potential if you want your business to be a success. You’re probably too busy to learn everything that goes into social media, so let someone else do the work! Hire a digital marketing company, or a freelance social media specialist to help. This can often turn out much cheaper than hiring a full-time in-house worker. It can also be very educational if you can’t tell your Twitter from your Facebook. Just bring them in, outline the image you want to get across, and watch your conversion rate soar!

If you’ve recently moved your firm to an office, then it might be worth looking at some commercial cleaners. You need to give your employees the best working environment possible, and outsourcing is an incredibly easy way to do it. Again, hiring an independent firm can give you much better value than recruiting a janitor. These usually have a range of experience working for many different businesses. Thanks to this, you don’t have to worry about all the nitty-gritty details. Commercial cleaning is a large and fairly competitive niche, which also has its advantages. When you hire in a company for the first time, they’ll be anxious to set up a regular arrangement. As a result, your office will be totally sparkling!

Finally, legal help. Creative types like writers and designers aren’t the only people who freelance! Should you need them, you can find self-employed lawyers who will offer great legal advice and assistance. Hopefully, you’re not up against any large-scale lawsuits at the minute! However, businesses of all sizes usually have times where they need legal assistance. Whether it’s patents or health and safety documentation, you’ll definitely want to have a lawyer on your side. You may not have thought it, but private lawyers are much easier to choose than other freelancers. Anyone can sell themselves as a writer or a social media expert. Attorneys, on the other hand, are vetted in advance. Most will also provide reviews from their past clients. Just make sure you choose a lawyer with the right specialisation! By hiring someone with lots of professional knowledge on corporate law, you’ll protect your firm from all sorts of trouble.

Outsource these three jobs, and your start-up period will be far more manageable. While freelancers can be great for some things, don’t neglect your HR! Every successful business needs a professional, dedicated workforce in-house.

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