Tech saves: Three ways technology is transforming industry

In just about every kind of industry, people are keen to reach maximum levels of production, while keeping costs to a minimum. Of course, the first key to reaching this goal is simply to work hard. A second and increasingly important contributing factor is technology.

Today, technology is not just an important part of industry but a driving force of it. The most successful businesses are those which are able to embrace cutting edge technology and apply it to streamline the service they offer.

Here, we look at a small number of examples of ways in which technology is transforming industry.

Simulation software

When it comes to manufacturing, accuracy is a big deal. Making mistakes in the production of a product can cost both time and money and should be avoided at all costs. New technology and software is making it possible for companies to achieve far higher rates of accuracy in less time.

Eureka software is able to simulate the running of milling and turning machines, allowing you to see the fruits of your labour before you’ve started. In addition to foreseeing errors which might occur in the production process, such as collisions and gouges, the simulation can allow the user to analyse the process without using up valuable materials.

3D design

Software isn’t only a powerful tool when it comes to hands on manufacturing, it can also play an important role in the design process for people working in a huge variety of industries. With growing computer power, it’s becoming increasingly possible for designers to realise their most complex concepts in detail on a computer screen.

The ability to deal entirely with a digital project has huge, positive implications for collaborative working. This allows designers to share work with others remotely and to make temporary changes as part of a critique without using resources.


Technology isn’t only changing the way businesses deliver their services; it’s also having a huge impact on the way they communicate with customers and clients. The Internet has seen one of the biggest shifts of all time in the marketing world, allowing companies to reach out to vast numbers of people at the literal touch of a button.

Through the use of simple tools such as social media and email marketing, companies of any size are now able to compete on a level playing field with the biggest names in their industry.

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