The Advantages of Company Cars for Businesses

Company cars offer a number of benefits for employees, allowing them to use a brand new vehicle for a massive discount compared to buying and running their own personal one. For businesses and employers there are many benefits and advantages of offering a company car scheme as well. Whatever the size of your business you can provide a company car, whether it’s just buying and using one or two from or arranging a large fleet of 20, 30 or more for much bigger businesses.

Affordable Necessity

For certain businesses, a company car is a necessity. Businesses which employ salespeople and those who regularly visit clients will need to ensure their employees have the appropriate transport to do their job to the best of their ability. When used for work based purposes, most companies will at the very least reimburse petrol funds. For a clear and fair approach, offering company cars is often the done thing and can work out a lot more affordable for the business when a fleet of company cars is arranged.

Attract New Employees

Offering a company car to any employee is a great way to increase the attractiveness of any job positions you have open. Depending on where potential employees have previously worked, they may be used to having a company car and turn down positions not offering one. Therefore, it can be an excellent bargaining tool, especially if you have a range of new models to provide workers with.

Develop Loyalty and Boost Performance

It’s not just new employees that will be kept happy with a company car, it can be a great way to retain existing ones and build loyalty. Introducing a scheme will make employees feel more valued and show the company is willing to splash out to make things easier for their staff. It can improve morale, boosting worker performance, and increase a sense of loyalty through such positivity.

All Inclusive Packages

Company car schemes are a great way to ensure everything that’s required for getting employees to work and out visiting clients is included. The costs of servicing, maintenance and roadside assistance can all be included so that you have everything covered for your employees. This makes it a lot simpler for working everything in to your company’s budget.

So, as an employer it is worth considering offering company cars to new and existing employees to improve performance and much more for your business.    

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