The Best Degree Choices For A Career In Business

A career in business can be a fulfilling, intellectually stimulating option. Many students go through their formative years nurturing a passion for and affinity with business, with a view to progressing to a career in commerce. For those preparing for their university years, with one eye on a career in business, there are some majors that are more useful than others. These are the courses that employers favor, and the subject areas that will equip you with the widest array of knowledge. In terms of gaining a good foundation in core business skills, there are a few areas of study that stand out as viable choices.

One of the most common routes to a career at the heart of business lies in accountancy. Many leading CEOs and managers have progressed from accountancy to industry. The study of accountancy provides a good grounding in business administration, and equips students with the right mindset for business. In practice, having a solid grasp of ratios and figures is extremely helpful in business. It is no surprise then, perhaps, that accountancy graduates are over-represented in the top echelons of the business world. Associates degree accounting graduates in particular seem to secure board seats at a disproportionate rate.

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Some students choose to pursue the route of a business degree, or an MBA. This is arguably the classic route to business success, and there are many recruitment programs at the very top that skim from these courses. MBA graduates in particular will have experienced study in a wide range of different business areas. This can be useful in creating a broad range of experiences and knowledge, all of which can be carried forward into a practical setting. For a comprehensive examination of all of the key factors of running and managing businesses, they don’t come more thorough than the typical MBA curriculum.

Studying a degree in law is perhaps the next most common option. Lawyers are everywhere in business, solving problems, securing deals and executing major projects. The range of disciplines and skills required to complete a law degree makes it a badge of potential for new graduates, particularly in the eyes of professional recruiters. Many of the best courses allow for diversification in later years of study, affording the option of a commercial, or financial law specialism. This ensures that you will be even more directly prepared for the challenges of managing and running a business in a real-world environment.

Of course, each of these degrees has its strengths. They are without doubt the best routes academically for those who want to progress in business. But none of these courses can substitute the value of real-life experience. Most graduates experience this, and it is certainly the case that businesses that do well are the product of experience. Everyday business will teach you a number of lessons, over and above what you have learned during your university years. In some ways your choice of degree major is only the first step.

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