The Best Platforms for Selling Your Own Creations Online

The Best Platforms for Selling Your Own Creations Online

Many of us get into crafting and creating beautiful objects as a hobby. However, as we become more skilled, we tend to consider selling the items that we create for profit. This makes sense. After all, we’re proud of what we’ve created and people also tend to exhibit great interest in unique items created by small scale sellers. It gives them a sense of assurance that others won’t have the same belongings as they do. In a market that mass produces almost everything, it can be refreshing to walk into a house that doesn’t have the same flat pack furniture as every other property we enter, or to see someone wearing something that isn’t recognisable from the shelves of a store we’ve frequented a thousand times. Capitalising on this could also generate profit and, if you prove popular and successful enough, could lead you down a path where you become a small business owner and can work part of even full time doing something that you genuinely love and enjoy. But, where to start? Well, you need to choose a platform to sell your goods on. Here are just two of the best to consider!

Your Own Website

Creating your own website is, without a doubt, the most profitable way to sell your goods. Cutting out third parties means that you can keep a hold of everything that customers pay, rather than having to fork out a percentage to a third party platform or host. The process of setting up your own website is easy as pie if you are willing to outsource at first. Collaborate with a professional in Website Design and your page will be up and running in next to no time. Take high-quality images of your stock and come up with a few brief but informative product descriptions and you’re ready to go!


The one problem with setting up your own website straight off the bat is that you might not have all too much exposure at first. A good way to build up a loyal customer base who you can later direct to your website is to list and sell your products on platforms such as Etsy. Etsy is an online marketplace with a difference – you can only sell vintage or handmade goods. This specialist and niche site brings in the right kind of customers for crafted items. You will have to surrender a portion of your profits from each sale to Etsy, so consider working this fee into your prices. You can always post a link to buy directly from you for cheaper.

Remember that you don’t have to stick to just one of these platforms. You could use all of them to boost your exposure and generate the most sales possible!

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