The Biggest Problems Facing A Small Construction Business

A small construction business can be a very profitable idea. However, there are a few big problems that all of these businesses face. If you have a construction business, it makes sense to learn about these problems so you can deal with them before they harm your business.

Site Safety

Perhaps the biggest and most worrisome problem revolves around safety. Construction sites are full of potential dangers that can harm both your employees and members of the public. If any accidents happen on your site, you’re immediately liable. This means your company will be paying out compensation. In turn, this means your company will lose money if your site isn’t as safe as possible and follows all the correct protocols. Make sure all your employees have the right safety equipment and are fully trained to work with any tools/machines. Also, make sure you get safety certificates for all of your tools and machines too. Finally, have clear danger and warning signs around the site to warn passers-by of the potential harm that can come to them if they recklessly wander onto your site.

Managing Growth

A huge problem for small construction businesses is that they can easily grow very quickly. While this sounds more good than bad, it can actually be very damaging. The problem is, it can be hard for small construction companies to scale their business and cope with the increased demand. It means growing their fleet and workforce in a short space of time, and a lot of companies struggle to manage this growth. There are two ways to handle this, firstly, you could use software from sites like – construction project management software to be precise – and help scale your business and manage all this growth. Secondly, you could be patient and wait until the right time to grow your business. Keep operating on a small-scale for as long as possible, and you’ll be in a better position – both financially and regarding your experience – to deal with growth, and can handle things better.


Being in the construction industry, you will be faced with a huge amount of competition. Construction businesses are highly common, particularly small ones. Why? Because they’re fairly easy to set up, and construction services will always be in demand. So, your business has to try and compete with many other businesses in your industry, some of which are big, others of which are small. But, most of them will probably be more established that you and already have respect and recognition from consumers. It’s your task to make your business stand out from what’s already there. You have to focus on giving consumers something that these other businesses don’t. This could be a service they don’t offer or special prices – anything to set you apart from them, or else you’ll get left at the wayside and struggle to make money.

The best way to handle a problem is to tackle it head-on before it turns into a massive problem. Use the advice in this piece to ensure these issues don’t affect your company.

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