The Core Foundations Of Marketing Your New Startup

One great idea could take you anywhere. Just one small spark could mean the start of a business. The dawn of a new enterprise that leads to financial independence and business success. Sounds great, doesn’t it? It’s well within your grasp, but there’s one important thing that all entrepreneurs need to know. That’s how to market your new startup.

Lots of business owners are experts at coming up with ideas. They’re fantastic at making new connections and creating products. But, they often fall short when it comes to marketing. Unfortunately, in today’s modern industry, your business will go nowhere without good marketing!

That’s why we’ve pulled together the core foundations your startup needs to market itself. It’s time to embrace this essential skill, and learn to master it. We’ll start by looking at digital marketing and tech-savvy solutions. We’ll also visit the more traditional, offline techniques. Both will help take your new startup forward. Let’s dive in.

A website

The heart and soul of your digital marketing strategy is a good website. After all, you need a central place to direct all your customers, and secure that final sale. Your website should host all the most important information about your company. It should also serve to sell your products. It’s the most important foundation, and it needs plenty of consideration. It needs a simple, but eye-catching design. It needs to be optimized for search engines, and easy to navigate. You can, of course, build your own website, but it’s often best left to the experts.


Content drives the modern digital world. Viral videos, compelling articles, infographics and photos make the internet go round! It’s an easy way to market your business. By creating content, you connect with your customers and target audience. By encouraging your community to share your content, it will reach all corners of the web. It’s powerful, effective marketing.

Social media

We couldn’t possibly write an article about modern marketing without mentioning social media. It has quickly become a cornerstone of digital industry. Maintaining and building a social presence is a great way to generate loyalty and build sales. It’s a free way to connect with a specific audience, share your content, and build brand recognition. The best platforms to start with are Facebook and Twitter. As you grow, you can start to incorporate Instagram, Pinterest, and others.


Email marketing

Email might seem like a relatively outdated concept in the digital world, but it’s still very effective. In fact, many top businesses claim that email drives more sales and traffic than any other marketing technique. Start collecting email addresses by placing a signup form on your website. You can even offer something like an eBook in exchange for their information. Then, send timely and relevant updates and sales info to your subscribers.


Online advertising is a great way to cut corners in the early days! Anyone who’s ever built a startup from scratch will tell you that the early days are the hardest. Finding those first customers and followers isn’t easy! That’s why advertising is great. It puts your brand and product in front of new eyes. We suggest getting started with Facebook adverts. They’re cost effective and it’s very easy to target a specific audience. You can then use Google Adwords to advertise on Google results and other websites.

Traditional marketing

Traditional marketing outlets aren’t as powerful as they once were. The likes of TV adverts, radio, and magazines hold less influence than they did ten years ago. However, don’t discount them just yet. Targeting the right magazines (especially trade publications) is very effective. You can also use posters and billboards to build brand awareness in your local area. Online marketing is great, but don’t forget the real world!

Promotional materials

While we’re talking about traditional marketing, it’s worth considering your promotional materials. In the early days, you’ll be looking to find as much business as possible. Leaflets, brochures and booklets are a great way to create a memorable impression. You can leave them with potential leads and clients or distribute them to customers. Start with an initial brochure printing run, and repeat the process when necessary.

Networking and your personal brand

Before we leave, don’t forget about marketing yourself. It’s something that many business owners forget to do. Get out and network with the key tastemakers in your industry. Introduce yourself to new leads and contacts. Make connections, and distribute your business card. There’s no better advert for your new business than yourself!

Have we missed any other core marketing foundations? Please let us know in the comment section below!

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